You've been running your business online/hybrid for almost a what?

KK Hart

You've likely spent the past 9-12 months hyper focused on surviving instead of positioning and strategizing how you can thrive... even now, especially now!

Industry Trends

Fitness boutiques have been popular because we value the overall experience and sense of community that clients need to meet their desired goals. As you’re likely redefining the community you’ve created with new benefits and offerings, make it a unique experience that clients can’t get at any other gym or environment.


Now (yes, now!) is the time to really engage with your audience. Although bix box gyms and apps can be very convenient, the purpose of your business is to have a common goal and community that is made sticky due to specific interests or desired outcomes. By using this approach it is easier for you to develop an identity that makes your business stand out from the crowd- something that has been an industry trend for as long as fitness has been a fad! Remember, your brand helps clients to identify with their needs because you are likely specializing in a specific area or interest-don’t lose your niche!


More than ever before, not only do consumers look for a unique experience, they also look for culture and connection. Whether you’re turning on a Zoom camera or opening your doors, clients need to feel as though they’re welcomed and nurtured every single time. The bonus?Clients will spend the money in exchange for the community and the experience whether that’s in person or online. Period!


The KPIs you need to measure and track now


The pandemic has changed several things when it comes to running a business. Now that people have more time at home, it is the ideal time to grow your business. Regardless of the challenges and obstacles along the way, adapting your business to the new normal will be an ongoing adventure.


Although lockdowns are easing up in some areas, protocols are still in place in order for employees and customers a like to be safe. Changes like social distancing, protective masks, and increased virtual approaches to minimize personal contact are measures that are going to become a way of life for the foreseeable future. As we continue to shift, pivot and shuffle into the new normal, we will see fundamental changes across the business community.


Look closely and analyze what changes you should make to your business now that can bring you instant impact. This is a vital step to take because you will need to look ahead and plan how you will operate going forward, but you also need to retain and grow revenue now!


Next, understand that communication is key! Make sure to communicate with your entire community and your team so that everyone is on the same page. Everyone needs to see clearly the changes that you are implementing and why they are necessary. Your business has two imperative KPIs: first time clients and the retention of existing clients. Don’t lose focus on that foreach and every decision you make- from the amount of classes to offer, to pricing and even with regards to the need to invest in marketing the business.


Evaluating your business to see if there are any new opportunities in which you can grow can also help your long-term ability to scale. While the pandemic has impacted businesses in negative ways, I’ve worked with many successful business owners to create new opportunities for products and services they offer and to ensure they are making the most of their die-hard following. It’s possible to grow your business online, in a hybrid format and soon enough in person!


Tools, tips and tricks to help you position or re-position your business to start earning MORE money!


One of the most important skills I see in business owners who are crushing it are agility, adaptability and being strategically minded-no matter what comes at them or their business. This may likely be due to the supportive and advisory relationship that we have, which allows them the skill and industry best practices to know before acting.


Don’t let your peer networks be the only way you brainstorm, collaborate, and learn. It may be time to learn an expert approach to focusing on the future and not the past because the one thing you need more than anything is to keep moving forward!    


Using available tools to track a variety of data, I love how technology and software (like Fitune!) can make it easy to track data that grows your client base and bottom line easily. Now more than ever, it is important to have a thorough look at your willingness to invest in your business. It could mean the difference between staying in business beyond the year’s mark and growing into a thriving venture that is future proof!


Meet KK Hart, Certified Business Coach +Sales/Marketing Expert:


Certified Consultant KK Hart is an expert in the health, fitness, beauty, wellness, and small business industries. By looking at the entire business needs holistically to create the foundation of each client strategy, KK helps industry owners with integrated, strategic sales and marketing along with operational, software and technology optimization. It’s about more than just buzz and hype!


The caliber of the education provided through rigorous consulting, advising and implementation support brings proven best practices to grow your boutique business in the most impactful way. KK's15+ years of strategic planning, execution and measurement methodology can help with channels of paid, earned, shared and owned media to help clients reach and convert more customers where they are, while utilizing tech and automation efficiency to share information, ads, content in a meaningful, compelling and targeted way.


Whether a boutique brick and mortar, indie brand, or virtual streaming business, KK coaches on strategies for revenue, retention, pricing, sales and marketing. Her passion is to help you to become as profitable and self-sufficient as possible! With many options to help clients to achieve their goals, KK is known to be a game changer and secret weapon for business owners. Her clients consistently become the top earners in their industry!


As the CEO and lead coach of a boutique sales & marketing agency specializing in the health, fitness, wellness and small business industries, KK believes it's time to help you monetize your sweat, heart and fit...  “Make your business stronger and start focusing on thriving instead of just surviving!


Snag a complimentary business analysis +plan for profitability:


Create a resilient business to help you effortlessly grow revenue, memberships and profit - both in person and virtually!

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