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Top 5 scheduling Software For Your Pole Dance Studio

Cam Acuña
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We spent hours looking at the 10 most popular pole dance scheduling software and went over more than 100 reviews to bring you the best and worst each has to offer.

Top Scheduling Software for your Pole Dance Studio

  • 🥇 Fitune - Best for your Pole Dance Studio (Intuitive scheduling, free website & client app included)
  • 🥈 Vagaro - Good if you offer beauty services
  • 🥉 Acuity - Good if you have time to learn and setup the system

Other Top Scheduling Software for Pole Dance Studios

Software Has Free Trial Transparent Pricing Requires Demo Call Ideal for Pole Dance Studios & Trainers
Fitune ✅ Yes, + Free Forever Plan ✅ Yes, $0-$249/month 🔴 No ✅ Yes
Vagaro ✅ Yes ✅ Yes, $30-$90+/month 🔴 No ✅ Yes
Acuity ✅ Yes, for a limited time ✅ Yes, $16-$49/month 🔴 No ✅ Yes
Glofox 🔴 No 🔴 No ✅ Yes 🔴 No
MindBody 🔴 No 🔴 No ✅ Yes 🔴 No

1. Fitune - Best for pole dance studios

Best scheduling software for Pole Dance Studios looking for an all-in-one management solution.

Has Free Trial: Yes, + Free Forever Plan + Free Client App

Transparent Pricing: Yes, $0-$249/month

Requires Demo Call: No

Ideal for Single Studios & Pole Dance Teachers: Yes

Most loved by users:

  • Intuitive Scheduling: Fitune offers seamless management for your Pole Dance Studio. This includes classes, appointments, and courses. You can set up your entire schedule in minutes with flexible booking options, recurring memberships, and calendar integration. This provides your clients with simple and direct booking options that translate into more sales.
  • Amazing Customer Service: Quick answers from a knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly team has kept clients happy and satisfied since launch. A user feedback program ensures your Pole Dance Studio gets updates specific to your needs. It’s like having a helpful friend always ready to assist you.
  • All-in-One Solution: Fitune covers everything you need to run your fitness and wellness business. From in-person classes, to memberships, and even a video store. Users highly value having every feature integrated in one place, saving studios time and money while making their business run smoothly.
  • Transparent Pricing: We offer clear pricing and features for your studio, no hidden charges nor extra fees for base services to keep your business running.

Most hated by users:

  • Initial Skepticism: Since they couldn’t find much history on it, some users were skeptical due to Fitune being a newer company. Although pleasantly surprised, initial doubt is a common theme.
  • Expectation for more features: While studios love the current features, they’re also eager for new updates. With the recent launch of a free mobile app the company is definitely on the right track for improvement.

Overall Score:  Ideal scheduling software for Pole Dance Studios and teachers with 1-4 locations.

Fitune’s Website Builder

Fit Nation Studio homepage showing a large gym, equipment, numbers on walls, and a 'Fit Nation Studio' banner. 'Join A Free Class' button.

Fitune’s Class Calendar

Fitune calendar view showing a weekly schedule of various fitness classes, including yoga, boot camp, and pilates, with a sidebar menu for navigation

Fitune Class Management

Fitune classes management screen showing a list of various fitness classes with their levels, statuses, and number of upcoming sessions.

Fitune Service Management & Scheduling

Fitune services management screen showing 1-on-1 services like massage therapy and personal training, with details on duration, location, and price.

Fitune stands out as the top scheduling software for Pole Dance Studios thanks to its quick setup, user-friendly interface, and comprehensive support. Your clients will appreciate the ease of booking and flexibility provided by your own mobile App. Fitune will also save you money, as an all-in-one software you won’t have to deal with multiple vendors and complex systems. While some initial skepticism exists about its newness, studios and instructors are quickly won over by its capabilities and ongoing improvements.

2. Vagaro - Good if you offer beauty services

Has Free Trial: Yes

Transparent Pricing: Yes, $30-$90+/month

Requires Demo Call: No

Ideal for Single Pole Dance Studios & Individual Trainers: Only if you also offer beauty services

Most loved by users:

  • Ease of Use: Users report an easy experience when for appointment booking and management. Unlike other platforms, the amount of training required to start using Vagaro is relatively low.
  • Mobile-friendly interface: Businesses that prioritize mobility in their operations highlight the convenience of Vagaro’s interface on mobile devices.
  • Booking and Scheduling Features: Online booking has become an essential feature of all scheduling software and Vagaro offers a convenient system for business owners and clients that includes automated reminder.

Most hated by users:

  • System Reliability: Like many other systems Vagaro can be unreliable during busy times, like holidays or peak seasons. Crashes and slow loading times have led to losses for several users.
  • Cost Increases: Vagaro’s cost has increased over time with features and services failing to keep up with users expectations. Unfortunately this has led to a large number of complaints with users wanting to change systems but feeling daunted by the task.
  • Cumbersome checkout: Businesses report a bad user experience when buying products, with them having to select packages multiple times during the checkout. This failure to streamline leads to drop-offs at a cost for the business.

When comparing Vagaro to Fitune for Pole Dance Studios, Vagaro falls short in several key areas. While it has an easy-to-use interface for appointment booking and management, its reliability under peak loads like holidays is a concern, often resulting in crashes and slow performance that will affect your Pole Dance Studio operations. Despite its mobile-friendly interface, users have expressed frustration over increasing costs that haven't been matched by improvements in service, prompting many to seek alternative solutions. Additionally, the cumbersome checkout process has deterred clients, with multiple package selections during checkout leading to customer drop-offs.

3. Acuity - Good if you already have a website

Has Free Trial: Yes, for a limited time

Transparent Pricing: Yes,  $16-$49/month

Requires Demo Call: No

Ideal for Single Pole Dance Studios & Individual Trainers: Yes, if you have the time to set it up

Most loved by users:

  • Ease of Use: Acuity offers a straightforward management and booking system for Pole Dance Studios once they’ve completed their initial setup.
  • Customization Options: Acuity is a highly customizable platform, although time-consuming users can brand their website, create specific appointment types and add color-coding.
  • Integration Capabilities: Similarly to other platforms, Acuity offers integrations with Zoom, Google Calendar, and various payment processors for Pole Dance Studios.

Most hated by users:

  • Initial setup: Althrough the platform is highly customizable, Acuity can be complex and time-consuming. Your setup can take a few hours and up to a week depending on your services, calendar, and integrations.
  • Unsatisfactory Customer Support: Some users have grown frustrated with Acuity’s customer support and lack of responsiveness since Acuity was acquired by Square in 2019. Issues which haven’t been resolved to date, these can hinder your Pole Dance Studio day to day operations.
  • Complex Setup for Advanced Features: Setting up advanced features like custom forms, notifications, and external integrations has been challenging for lots of users. They’ve described the need for technical know how, as well as facing an unintuitive, time consuming process.

Acuity presents challenges that make it less than ideal for Pole Dance Studios. While praised for its customizable booking system and integration capabilities with platforms like Zoom and Google Calendar, Acuity's initial setup can be daunting and time-consuming, requiring hours to days to configure fully. Customer support has been a sore point for some studios, with reports of dissatisfaction and slow response times following its acquisition by Square. The complexity of setting up advanced features such as custom forms and external integrations further complicates user experience, requiring technical expertise and navigating through unintuitive processes.

4. Glofox

Has Free Trial: No

Transparent Pricing: No‍

Requires Demo Call: Yes‍

Ideal for Single Studios & Individual Trainers: No

Most loved by users:

  • Ease of Use: Booking and membership management is easy to navigate and use for Pole Dance Studios.
  • Reports and analytics: Glofox generates performance reports that businesses can use to inform their decisions, with studios noting it as one of their favorite features.
  • Mobile App: For an additional price Glofox offers a mobile app, although pricing isn’t available through their website, clients and users like having the flexibility to make payments from their phones. Pole Dance Studios can benefit from this flexibility but there are other options in the market with clear costs and stable builds.

Most hated by users:

  • Lack of flexibility: Glofox’s users mention a lack of flexibility when it comes to customization and managing membership options. Recurring memberships with specific conditions is one of their largest complaints.
  • Technical Issues: Bugs and glitches tend to disrupt service during peak times. Slow loading times and difficulty connecting with other systems add to the issues experienced by users.
  • Cost: Glofox doesn’t offer transparent pricing from their website so there’s no way to know exactly how much you’ll be spending unless you make a Demo Call. However, users report a low level of functionality and support for the high prices they’re paying.

Glofox offers some beneficial features but also comes with significant drawbacks. Studios appreciate how easy it is to manage bookings and memberships, along with performance reports that help in decision-making. Their mobile app, although at an undisclosed additional cost, provides convenience for users managing payments on the go. Unfortunately Glofox falls short in customization options and membership flexibility, which limits its appeal for Pole Dance Studios. Technical issues such as bugs, slow loading times, and integration difficulties during peak periods have also frustrated users. Finally, the lack of transparent pricing and low functionality vs cost have been recurring concerns among Glofox users.

5. Mindbody

Mindbody homepage with collage of fitness and wellness activities. Title: 'The #1 software for fitness and wellness businesses'.

Has Free Trial: No

Transparent Pricing: No

Requires Demo Call: Yes

Ideal for Single Studios & Individual Pole Dance Teachers: No

Most loved by users:

  • Appointment Scheduling: Although the initial setup is challenging, once done, scheduling for appointments and bookings becomes easy for Pole Dance Studios and their clients.
  • Comprehensive Features: Mindbody offers an integration of, scheduling, management, and payment processing tools, with many users liking the range of features.
  • Customization Options: Mindbody offers customization options for scheduling and service offerings. Businesses who spend enough time customizing their services have found ways to tailor their processes to their needs.

Most hated by users:

  • Buggy Software: Frequent glitches and bugs during booking and payment have been affecting the daily operations of several businesses. Users also report slow loading times and unresponsive features, leading to a frustrating navigation experience and loss of sales.
  • Not so user-friendly: New Mindbody users find the interface complex and daunting. You’ll need to spend a lot of time navigating and becoming familiar with it in order to set up basic functions, especially if you don’t have much technical experience. Most studios report the need for assistance during their initial setup, unfortunately they also mention long waiting times and generic responses for their issues.
  • Expensive Pricing: Mindbody doesn’t offer transparent pricing but studios report a higher base cost compared to other services, as well as additional fees for integrations and their mobile app. In general users feel Mindbody has become too expensive for the value provided, especially for small to medium businesses. If you run a small Pole Dance Studio you might find the cost too high for the benefits provided.

Mindbody is a well known brand that offers a range of features for Pole Dance Studios but it also has significant issues. Users like its comprehensive integration of scheduling, management, and payment processing tools. However, the initial setup is complex and time-consuming. Customization options for scheduling and services are available but they also require a lot of effort to implement. Mindbody also suffers from frequent glitches, bugs during booking and payment processes, and slow loading times, which disrupt daily operations and frustrate users. Finally, its pricing model lacks transparency, with users citing high base costs and additional fees for integrations and mobile app use. Many studios, particularly small to medium businesses, feel the cost outweighs the value provided.

Conclusions for the top 5 scheduling software for your Pole Dance Studio

When choosing scheduling software for pole dance studios, Fitune emerges as the top pick. Its intuitive interface, comprehensive management tools, and excellent customer support, makes it an ideal solution for scheduling, membership management, and payment processing. Vagaro follows closely with its ease of use and mobile-friendly interface, though issues like system reliability during peak times and a cumbersome checkout process are a concern. Acuity, while highly customizable and offering robust integration capabilities, faces challenges such as complex initial setup and inconsistent customer support. Overall, Fitune stands out for its balance of usability, features, and affordability, making it the preferred choice for pole dance studios looking to streamline their schedule and run their studio effectively.

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