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The 5 Best MindBody Alternatives in 2024

Koen van den Heuvel

Everybody in the fitness industry knows Mindbody. At the same time...everybody seems to wonder why so many fitness studios use Mindbody when there so many better alternatives in the market?

Let's find out! We've reviewed over 500 real reviews to give you the best Mindbody competitors.

First, let's see what people think of Mindbody.

Best Mindbody alternatives

We've reviewed and tried 20+ Mindbody online alternatives so you don't have to. Per platform we've studied 120+ real reviews to give you all the info you need to decide on the best platform for your fitness or wellness business.

Here's a sneak peek:

  1. 🥇 Fitune - Best overall (Free Website & Client App included)
  2. 🥈 Wellness Living - Great if price is not important
  3. 🥉 Glofox - Best for big chains with very complex structures

Why do fitness studio owners dislike Mindbody?

  • Cost - Mindbody is expensive and their pricing is not transparent.
  • Bugs - Reported bugs are not addressed.
  • Complexity - Difficult to use for business owners and clients that need to book.
  • Bad support - Once you purchase, people complain about a lack of support.
  • No free trial or free version for smaller businesses

Honestly, that's just the tip of the iceberg. Have a look at this Instagram post with over 15,000 likes and 500+ comments from business owners talking about their frustrations with Mindbody.

Mindbody Reviews

What does Mindbody cost?

With none transparent pricing, it's a little tricky to know how much they exactly charge, so we did some digging for you.

Mindbody costs range from $159 to $699 per month, depending on what subscription plan you select. Want an app? You're talking about the higher end of that.

Top 5: Mindbody alternatives

1. Fitune - Best Overall

Fitune is our top pick because:

  • Build for non techies : It's incredibly easy to use for you and your clients.
  • Free client app & website included
  • Truly All-in-one: Covers all your services like classes, appointment reservations, videos, livestreaming, events, retreats, courses & much more.
  • Free migration:  Import all your clients in one click and have the Fitune team help you switch your classes & prices over.
  • Human Support: The support & onboarding team are incredibly helpful and kind.
  • Freeforever: They offer a freeforever plan for small businesses.

Fitune has over 99% 5-star reviews on trustpilot.

Mindbody Competitor Review

Fitune homepage promoting class and appointment booking platform with client reviews, free sign-up button, and no credit card required.
Fitune interface showing mobile booking, class scheduling, and a fitness website builder with calendar and client management tools.

Although their are many software similar to Minbody, Fitune is designed in such a way that a user experiences its character of being user-friendly, whereas Mindbody suffers from the complexity and cost interference. Fitune is designed to be used in an intuitive way, unlike the steep learning curve one needs to go through in using Mindbody.

Further to that, Fitune also boasts very fast and responsive customer care, unlike the very frustrating customer support of Mindbody. Fitune makes a point that one is responded to, unlike in Mindbody, where sometimes the support staff will keep you on hold. In totality, Fitune is just generous enough to have the fitness studios get necessary support to satisfy their needs.

Fitune is an overly flexible solution for studios. Though flexible, it is not complex, and allows itself to be adopted very easily by different kinds of fitness businesses without the complicated approach by Mindbody. Thus, studios are free to build their experience instead of being forced into a structure that is too stiff, as it often happens with Mindbody. On top of that, Fitune is committed to innovations, and for that reason, the solution is absolutely up-to-date. It is constantly upgraded, whilst Mindbody moves rather slowly in this aspect. The proactive stance of Fitune guarantees studios that it will always have relevant tools to excel in an industry whose paradigm is changing.

Why should you switch?

We know switching might seem scary. You think you might have issues with setting up your classes, prices or transfer over clients.

However, this is a short term mindset. As a business owner, you need to think longterm. Ask yourself, how much better would my business and my clients be off with a system that's more affordable, less complicated, less buggy and has features that make my life easier?

Plus, tons of modern platforms offer a free migration service so you can sit back and have your clients, prices and classes all be transferred over. Fitune offers a great free switching service in most of their plans.

2. Glofox

Glofox homepage with 4.5 stars from 465 reviews. Title: 'Trusted by thousands'. Orange button for demo and prices. Dark background.

GloFox stands out from other fitness studio management software platforms with a great user interface and user experience, featuring a colossal set of features in comparison to MindBody. A lot of users noted intuitive design that makes navigation easy and helps to well-manage bookings, memberships, and classes effectively than MindBody. Moreover, the branded app boosts engagement with clients and forms a connected community within the studio. 

Still, some users face issues with some other technicalities, such as technical problems and bugs, also present in MindBody, which cause such problems that break down operations, yielding payment processing problems, particularly upon doing so with other software. GloFox retains a responsive customer support team, and slower response times as well as unresolved technical issues, were also reported by some users. For comparison, support that is more up to one's alley to be considered with the provision of efficient solutions, developed functionalities, and responsive support for business can be found with Fitune.

3. Vagaro

Vagaro homepage with software for beauty and fitness businesses. Text: 'Turn your passion into a profitable business'. Free trial or demo.

Vagaro has friendly interfaces and good functionality, so it's ideal for a fitness studio and it’s more affordable and user-friendly than MindBody. It facilitates ease of booking, customer management, and marketing tools in engaging its users. This responsive customer service also ensures that its users can get help and support in time.

However, the major cons of Vagaro are quite significant. The little or no ability to customize the software creates problems with online booking and payment processing, an inconvenience shared with MindBody. Users often find themselves limiting their flexibility in trying to tailor the software to fit their business needs. Online booking can be very inconvenient, sometimes leading to no-shows for appointments or overlapping schedules. Moreover, there are several problems with payment processing, resulting in delayed services for the customer and inconveniences for the business.

5. Momence

Momence homepage with purple background. Leading software for gyms and studios. Motto: 'Save time. Grow revenue.' Free trial or demo.

The user interface is intuitive for the clients of Momence, and its functions can be tailored. To that end, the customer service support is responsive for easy management of classes and appointments, showing it’s superior to MindBody. The whole platform is committed to constant improvement; businesses are to receive frequent updates and enhancements in enhancing overall user experience, as stated by the creators.

Some users indicated that the onboarding experience for Momence was not quite smooth; they had experienced some delays, billing problems, or were even promised things that had not been done. Business effectiveness is still a challenge with navigation issues and a number of missing features despite the frequent updates made to this platform, which proves that even when it has its pros, in comparison to MindBody, Momence is not 100% prepared for fitness studios and their needs. 

5. WellnessLiving

WellnessLiving homepage with purple background, woman getting massage. Software for wellness businesses. Demo and virtual tour buttons.

Features packed for everything needed to operate a fitness studio, better than MindBody. With a highly effective combination of tools for schedule management, client administration, and potent marketing capabilities, WellnessLiving specializes in a complete all-in-one solution for optimizing the operation of any business. Its affordable pricing, friendly to small businesses, highly touted, without vital functionality being left out, makes it a desirable app to use.

At the same time, WellnessLiving has a steep learning curve, making it a real challenge; therefore, its users have to be ready to spend quite a lot of time and effort getting to know a big number of features. Moreover, it shares the same problem with MindBody: from time to time, work efficiency is actually interrupted by technical bugs and failures in the system, which are simply frustrating for users. Complaints about long response times of the support just pile up the existing array of challenges of the delayed issues resolution and inefficient studio management an issue also shared with MindBody.

In 2024, available Mindbody alternatives may fight it out for your attention. Each fitness software—from the easy-to-use interface of Fitune to the intuitive design of Glofox—has their own unique pros and cons. Fitune means the best solution in terms of the migration process and responsive customer care. You get what you need in regard to business: an inexpensive, user-friendly, feature-rich solution from Fitune. Then why pull oneself down in the Mindbody mess when you can rise high with Fitune and be part of this new age management, with not only smoother processes, but improved staff as well as client interaction? Dare to take a step ahead, explore Fitune, and witness the change brought to your fitness business.

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Koen van den Heuvel
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