How to choose the right fitness business software

Rubén Santamaría

The online fitness world has proven to be a success with lots of fitness professionals still using it even if they’re regular venues are opened once again. That’s why taking the time to choose the best fitness software for your business is so important since it will have a big impact on it.

Why is it so important? For starters, it’s the platform you will be using to set up your business, the harder it is to learn and use, the more time it will take from you. Not only that, it’s also how your clients will interact with you, if they have a bad experience with the platform and don’t like it, you may start losing them.

So what makes a fitness software good? The answer depends on what you want out of it, are you planning to only do on-demand videos? Live or online classes? Maybe all of them? The best platform for you will be the one to have all the features that will make your life easier. Then, what kind of features should you be looking for?

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Online and in-person classes

One of the main reasons you need a fitness software is so your clients can easily schedule classes from you whether they’re online or in-person. Even if for now you’re only doing online sessions, it’s good to have the option covered if in the future you start offering in-person classes as well.

The platform must offer a seamless experience for your client so they can book the class they want in just a few clicks. This also should include the option for them to reschedule or cancel them at their convenience.

As for you, the software should be easy to use and allow you to have all the classes you want, set up schedules, class limits and include all the necessary information like links for online classes and the venue location for in-person classes.

Payment processor integration

The whole point of a fitness software is to make your life easier and that includes taking payments online. This unlocks the possibility to handle options beyond PAYG, like subscriptions and packs! And everything is being taken care of by the platform so you don’t have to keep track of who transferred the money for the class or remembering who paid with cash.

You must have control over the payments you receive, that way you can handle things like refunds, payment dates, invoice status and more.

Easy to use

We’ve already mentioned a few times the importance of an easy to use fitness software, but this should definitely be among your top priorities. You will be using this software a lot, that’s why it’s very important that you can achieve what you want without a huge learning curve and that it doesn’t take you hours to do a simple task.

This doesn’t mean that it should lack in features, of course, it should still have everything you need and still have some extra ones that you can take advantage of in the future. For example, if you’re only doing live classes at the moment, it’s a good idea to get a platform where you can store videos as well.

Video on-demand

Just like we just said, even if you’re not doing on-demand video at the moment it’s still a great idea to have the option available. Especially since the online fitness industry is moving in that direction, on-demand video is becoming more popular and a great way to monetize your content.

What should you look for in this feature? Things like categorizing, different monetization alternatives and upload options should be at the top of your list.

Have you made up your mind yet? If everything listed here sounds like something you want for your own business, then sign up here and start taking your business to the next level!

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Rubén Santamaría
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