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5 Best Spin Studio Software For Booking in 2024 (small to large studios)

Ileana del Río

We analyzed the Best 5 Spin Studio Software For booking. We studied hundreds of real user reviews for each platform to give you all the info you need to decide on the best platform for your spin business.

Top Performing Spin Studio Software 2024 

  • 🥇Fitune - Best overall (Free Website & Client App included)
  • 🥈PushPress - User friendly option for small fitness businesses.
  • 🥉Bookee - Good for general businesses outside the fitness industry.

Other Top Performing Spin Studio Software 2024

Software Has Free Trial Transparent Pricing Requires Demo Call Ideal for Single Studios & Individual Trainers
Fitune ✅ Yes, + Free Forever Plan + Free App ✅ Yes, $0-$249/month ✅ No ✅ Yes
PushPress 🔴 No ✅ Yes, $99-$348/month 🔴 Yes ✅ Yes
Bookee 🔴 Yes, but for a limited time ✅ Yes, $99-$299/month 🔴 Yes 🔴 No
Vagaro ✅ Yes ✅ Yes, $30-$90+/month ✅ No ✅ Yes
Glofox 🔴 No 🔴 No 🔴 Yes 🔴 No

1. Fitune

Has Free Trial: Yes, + Free Forever Plan

Transparent Pricing: Yes, $0-$249/month

Requires Demo Call: No

Ideal for Single Studios & Individual Trainers: Yes

Most loved by users:

  • Free Website and App: Fitune's offering of a free website and app with every plan is a significant advantage for attracting new clients and maximizing booking opportunities. It's unique to be included for free in any plan, as with other software platforms you often pay $200-$400 per month for your own app.
  • Comprehensive Solution: Fitune is the best solution for spin studio owners when it comes to running the studio from booking to payment. Everything on one platform, so it truly streamlines management. Say goodbye to switching through different tools and hello to more organized days of running your spin studio.
  • Responsive Live Support: The Fitune team gives you unlimited support with quick responses to explain any question or concern you may have. You won't be left out in the dark at any point in learning how to tread the software—friendly support is here to stay.
  • Easy-to-Use Interface: Fitune is built for ease of access from the admin level, which will save you from those headaches and afford you more attention for your clients and classes.

Most hated by users:

  • Features Development: At its launch, a lot of features missed the mark, putting Fitune in the way of much criticism by several spin studio owners. However, with a niche audience and tweaking according to its users, Fitune has powered up its features in due time to serve the studio owners better.
  • Flexible Pricing: Fitune's pricing structure has undergone a sea change to resolve critical issues surrounding cost implications. Better accessibility comes with a new "Free Forever" plan, suitable for those just starting their journey with a spin studio.

Overall Score: #1 Spin Studio Software Overall ideal for individual teachers and studios with 1-4 locations.

Fitune’s Website Builder

Fitune’s Class Calendar

Fitune Class Management

Fitune Service Management & Scheduling

Fitune emerges as the ideal choice for spin studio owners seeking a comprehensive management solution that integrates all aspects of studio operations into one streamlined platform. Its user-friendly interface, responsive support, and ongoing improvements make it a top contender for enhancing spin studio management. Despite initial challenges, Fitune's tailored enhancements position it as a preferred option for spin studio owners looking to optimize their business operations.

2. PushPress

 Homepage of PushPress, a gym management platform, showcasing features and mobile app interface.

Has Free Trial: No.

Transparent Pricing: Yes, $99-$348/month.

Requires Demo Call: Yes.

Ideal for Single Studios & Individual Trainers: Yes.

Most loved by users:

  • User-Friendly Interface: PushPress has an easy and intuitive interface, allowing staff and members to navigate with great ease. This makes scheduling classes and booking much easier for members.
  • Customizable Features: The software for spin studio owners can be fully customized in class scheduling, member management, and billing options, ensuring a personalized experience for both clients and staff.
  • Responsive Customer Support: PushPress provides seamless operations for spin studio owners, resulting in client satisfaction through responsive customer support that addresses any issues or questions promptly.

Most hated by users:

  • Inflexibility in Booking: Some users have found booking limitations, such as setting up recurring classes and managing capacities, which can slow down the operation of spin studios.
  • Integration Challenges: While PushPress offers various integrations, spin studio owners may encounter problems integrating specific tools or platforms essential to their business, disrupting workflow.
  • Occasional Technical Glitches: Some users have reported occasional technical glitches or bugs that result in booking disruptions and inconvenience for both staff and clients in the spin studio environment.

Overall Score: User friendly option for small fitness businesses.

PushPress offers an easy-to-use booking software for spin studio owners with intensive, customizable features and responsive customer support. The software simplifies operations and enhances customer experiences but comes with challenges such as limited booking flexibility, integration issues, and occasional technical glitches. These drawbacks highlight potential hurdles in efficiently managing spin studio schedules and bookings, necessitating careful consideration of the software's suitability for specific business needs.

3. Bookee

Bookee homepage with minimalist background. Text: 'Growing your fitness studio is hard. Bookee makes it easy.' Demo and login buttons.

Has Free Trial: Yes

Transparent Pricing: Yes, $99-$299/month

Requires Demo Call: Yes

Ideal for Single Studios & Individual Trainers: No.

Most loved by users:

  • Intuitive and User-Friendly: Bookee's user interface is very intuitive and makes the process of booking and navigation super easy for staff and clients.
  • Responsive Customer Service: Support service is super responsive in answering queries and resolving the problems of business owners in due time.
  • Continuous Improvement: Based on feedback from an ever-growing user base from around the world, they continuously release new features for the smooth working of the platform, always keeping in mind the constant changes in the needs of businesses.

Most hated by users:

  • Hard to Keep Up with Updates: Sometimes, it actually feels like a feature may roll out before the spin studio owner has had time to really understand how to use new functionality—confusing.
  • Growing Pains: Literally growing pains. Because this is a newer platform, there can be growing pains at times. Although these pains have usually been small issues, at times there is a delay in getting them rectified.
  • Lack of Customization: Although there is customization available through Bookee, in comparison with other platforms, frontend user experience customization might be on the lower side for some spin studio owners.

Overall Score: Good for basic booking.

For spin studio owners seeking a booking software, Bookee offers several advantages. Firstly, its intuitive interface and user-friendly design make it easy for both staff and clients to navigate, ensuring a seamless booking experience. Bookee's flexibility allows for customization to meet specific business needs, and its integration with various applications streamlines operations. Additionally, Bookee's attentive customer support and continuous improvement efforts ensure that user feedback is valued and addressed promptly. However, spin studio owners should be aware that as Bookee is still evolving,  and there may be occasional growing pains and delays in implementing requested features.

4. Vagaro

Vagaro homepage with software for beauty and fitness businesses. Text: 'Turn your passion into a profitable business'. Free trial or demo.

Has Free Trial: Yes

Transparent Pricing: Yes, $30-$90+/month

Requires Demo Call: No

Ideal for Single Studios & Individual Trainers: Yes

Most loved by users:

  • Ease of Use and Intuitiveness: Spin studio owners appreciate that Vagaro could not have been simpler in its interface and design. In most responses, users mention that the software is easy to navigate, especially for tasks related to appointment setting, reminding, and customer info management. Even those with little technical experience find using Vagaro a walk in the park.
  • Great Customer Support: The software gets a lot of praise for its customer support. The support team is responsive to queries and is helpful in resolving technical bugs, in addition to helping users understand their software better. According to many owners, they feel taken care of and valued by the Vagaro team.
  • Comprehensive Features: Spin studio owners laud the countless features lay in Vagaro for enabling efficient business management. The software application has strong capability in appointment scheduling, client management, marketing, and reporting, all of which consolidate operations, removing the need for other software applications.

Most hated by users:

  • Limited Customization: Some users seem disappointed in Vagaro due to the lack of customization. They hope for better opportunities to modify the application per their needs and wants, including the integration of websites, email templates, and inventory management. More control and an ability to make changes would give the software more utility to the spin studio owner.
  • Online Booking Challenges: Users experience some difficulty with Vagaro's online booking, citing challenges in managing bookings, merging customer accounts, and navigating customer accounts. The inability to manage appointments creates increasing inefficiency and frustration, taking away from the user experience.
  • Issues with Payment Processing: Various users have reported problems with Vagaro's payment processing system, such as delayed deposits, accounts being frozen, and surprise fees. Such problems influence the running of financial operations and burden the user, even with alternative payment solutions.

In the eyes of a spin studio owner, Vagaro is a simple business management software platform for effortlessly optimizing how one runs daily operations. It simplifies appointment scheduling, client management, and marketing tasks in one easy-to-use interface. It really could do with a bit more by way of features and the ability to customize, and there are problems with its online booking functionality, but on the whole, it's a helpful tool if you run a spinning studio and want to manage operations and foster a strong sense of community.

5. Glofox

Glofox homepage with 4.5 stars from 465 reviews. Title: 'Trusted by thousands'. Orange button for demo and prices. Dark background.

Has Free Trial: No

Transparent Pricing: No

Requires Demo Call: Yes

Ideal for Single Studios & Yoga Teachers: No

Most loved by users:

  • User friendliness: What sets GloFox apart from the other booking software for spin studios is the user interface. According to owners, it is intuitive, and navigating bookings, memberships, and classes is easy both on the back-end and via the app. In combination with an elegant design, it provides an enhanced experience for owners and their clients.
  • Excellent Customer Service: What really captures the hearts of spin studio owners is the excellent customer service provided by GloFox. The responsive support team is highly collaborative with the users, and they attend to issues and questions promptly. Their dedication to helping is of great value to the overall user experience.
  • Advanced Functionality: GloFox promises advanced features with a particular focus on spin studio management. Owners comment on brilliant membership management tools, smooth booking processes, and integrated payment systems with push notification capabilities. One of the most commented-on features that the branded app brought was the positive impact on client engagement and business growth.

Most hated by users:

  • Technical Issues: Despite the advantages, GloFox experiences backlash from a few spin studio owners due to some technical issues and software errors. From time to time, the issues they cite are difficulties in booking and payment processing errors, which interrupt operations and inconvenience clients.
  • Customer Support Responsiveness: On the contrary, while GloFox has good customer support, some users are not happy with the responsiveness of the customer service team to problems and issue resolution. Slow response times and unresolved technical issues are at the root of user frustration.
  • Feature and Reporting Limitations: Several users believe that certain features and functionalities, along with reporting, are still limited for this software to qualify as effective spin studio management software. They seek better reporting, better customization, and more features to cover diverse business needs and preferences.

Opinions among spin studio owners on GloFox vary—from pro to con—to show both its upside and downside. Some love its intuitive interface and advanced functionality, while others hate it for stumbling over technical glitches and unresponsiveness in customer service. Great support with advanced features and tailored apps can get improved user experience, but on the minus side, technical flashes and feature insufficiencies make it unattractive. To stay the leader among booking software for spin studios, GloFox needs to focus more on these shortcomings and innovations to meet the demands of both studio owners and their clients.

Concluding the Top Spin Studio Software for Booking in 2024

In conclusion, after a thorough analysis of the five best spin studio software options for booking in 2024, it's evident that Fitune stands out as the top choice for spin studio owners. With its comprehensive solution, responsive live support, and easy-to-use interface, Fitune offers a seamless experience for managing all aspects of a spin studio, from booking to payment. While each platform has its strengths and weaknesses, Fitune's continuous improvement and tailored enhancements make it a preferred option for those looking to optimize their spin studio operations. As the fitness industry continues to evolve, having the right software partner like Fitune can make all the difference in delivering exceptional experiences to clients while efficiently managing business operations.

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