Fitune vs Bookee

Fitune gives you a perfect opportunity to launch or run your fitness and wellness business. Manage bookings and communication for free, using an all-in-one easy-to-use solution tailored for the industry. On the other side, Bookee could need more third-party integrations and cost more. This will help you understand why Fitune would be the most pocket-friendly when running your business needs. Start with Fitune's Free Forever Plan and optimize your operations from day one.

A customer review from an individual named Sean. Sean has given a 5-star rating and praises the platform as being great for running a fitness business. He highlights that Fitune is easy to implement and appreciates the vast number of services it offers that assist in building and establishing a business. Sean also commends the Fitune support team for their excellent service, noting that they are always available to help and consistently find solutions. The review is dated January 13, 2021.
The Best Bookee Alternative

Launch your website, start booking, and receive payments without spending a cent with our Free Forever Plan

Fitune is the specialized business management solution for fitness and wellness. Simplify class booking, event management, client communications, payment processing, membership management, video on-demand, analytics, and additional functions with ease.


Basic overview
Bookee logo
Class scheduling
Recurring appointments
Online & in-person payments
Client management
Branded website integration
Discount codes
2 Staff accounts
Branded URL
Email & chat support
Basic reports


Basic overview
Fitune logo
Customizable website
Payment processing
Membership management
1 on 1 appointments
Class scheduling & booking
Marketing tools
Staff management
Industry relevant analytics
Human customer support
+ many more...

Okay, let's make it easier for you!



Free trial vs Free Forever
🔒 14-day free trial.

🔒 Only available after scheduling a live demo.

✅ Start selling right away without spending a cent.

✅ Book classes and appointments, enjoy 5GB video storage, unlimited contacts, CRM tools, and more.

✅ Only upgrade to a paying plan when your business succeeds.
Starting price
🔒 Starts at $99/month.

🔒 No waitlists.No video on-demand.
$0 - Free Forever includes:

✅ Website
✅ Class Scheduling
✅ Automatic Billing
✅ Client Management (CRM)
✅ Livestream Zoom integration
✅ Business Reports
✅ Automated Transactional Emails

To keep the Fitune lights on, we take a 6% transaction fee, but considering what you get, it seems fair.

Upgrade to Pro for just $49/month and get:

✅ 50 Active Clients
✅ 2% Transaction Fee
✅ 25GB video hosting space
✅ Publish courses
✅ Custom domain
✅ Waitlists
✅ Promo codes
✅ Analytics graphs

🔒 $299 to $499 development fee.

🔒 $99 to/month maintenance fee for custom domain, chat support, and customization.

🔒 Limited to one location.
✅ 100% free and ready to launch in 30 minutes.

✅ Zero-coding interfaceFully brandable and customizable.

✅ Manage it in just 5 minutes a day.

✅ Intuitive, sleek-looking, and easy-to-use for your clients.

✅ Live stream classesSell and rent video on-demand
Launch time

🔒 Website launch takes at least 24 hours.

✅ Sign up, customize, and go live in 30 mintue.
Pricing plans

🔒 Pricing only available through a direct quote.

🔒 Full features information only available through a demo call.

✅ Transparent pricing.

✅ From $0 to $199/month, know what you’re paying for.

✅ Scale your website as your business grows.

🔒 At least $199/month per location.

✅ Unlimited locations.

✅ Manage as many venues as you want from a single account.

🔒 Template customization is only available for a website maintenance fee of $99/month.

✅ Fully customizable by you with a zero-coding interface.
Video on-demand

🔒 Only available at $199/month.

🔒 Hosting limits.

🔒 Streaming time limits.

✅ Available from $49/month.

✅ Easily sell, rent, or make pre recorded videos available through a membership.

✅ Design courses and challenges for your clients to purchase and follow.

🔒 Manually email users.

🔒 Email automations must be manually created

✅ Automated email templates ready to go.

✅ Fully customizable templates.
Video hosting

🔒 60GB storage for $299/month200 hours/month streaming max.

🔒 Additional fees if you go above the limits.

✅ Unlimited video hostingUpload and sell as many videos as you want to create a steady revenue stream.

✅ No time limit on your streams.60GB storage for $299/month200 hours/month streaming max.

✅ Additional fees if you go above the limits.


Basic features for up to 10 users with everything you need.
Get started


Advanced features and reporting, better workflows and automation.
Get started


Personalised service and enterprise security for large teams.
Get started
Basic features
Individual data
Automated workflows
200+ integrations
Reporting and analytics
Export reports
Scheduled reports
API access
Advanced reports
Saved reports
Customer properties
Custom fields
User access
SSO/SAML authentication
Advanced permissions
Audit log
Data history

*Pricing and features taken from Bookee on 12/21/2023. For more information please visit their pricing page.

Don’t take our word for it


I love how it allows me to manage both in-person and online group classes.


Founder Turn Studio

Glad I came across Fitune, really easy to set up, perfect for my yoga classes.


Founder Kopo Yoga

Excellent support. They been kind, patient, informative and an absolute pleasure to deal with. I was so scared about the IT side but they have been very encouraging.  I’m beyond happy with support and the product itself.

Mrs Marks

United Kingdom

Fitune makes managing things super simple and the greatest part is it's all in one place.



This is a game changer to my scheduling and payment placed in one place together.

Nikki Robs

Founder NRFit
United States

It does everything you need to run your online fitness business. It is so perfect for fitness Instructors and personal trainers.


United States

Finally found what i was looking for and it has not disappointed, Fitune has revolutionised my business, saved me a-lot of time, given me a professional edge and has been a smart investment.


United Kingdom

Fantastic service, the booking system is very easy to use. It helps participants to book the classes which in the minutes.


Deimante Dance School
United Kingdom

Awesome experience with this platform so far. It’s extremely user friendly in my end and my clients end which is perfect. I love that I can teach my classes, course and coaching all in one place! Everything is organized so well.


United States

I found Fitune a great platform, really friendly to use as a business and for the customers. They have really good service and anything you need help with they make sure to solve it.

Ana Gaby


These guys have really improved the software. Every time I login, I'm always looking to minor changes. I actually submitted some feedback, and they made those changes.  it makes me feel part of a community.


United States

I've been looking for a reliable and affordable booking solution for a long time and I'm so glad I came across Fitune. I love how I can run all my services in one place. It's extremely easy to use for myself as well as for my customers.


United Kingdom

Really good tutorials, fantastic site to navigate round especially if you are a bit of a novice in this area.

Kylie Nicholls

United Kingdom

absolutely love the customer service that Fitune has offered me. They have been very accommodating and understanding with my needs. Love this platform!

C. Johnson

United States

I love how it allows me to manage both virtual and in-person sessions


Founder Turn Studio

Glad I came across Fitune, really easy to set up, perfect for my yoga classes.


Founder Kopo Yoga

This is a game changer to my scheduling and payment placed in one place together.

Nikki Robs

Founder NRFit
United States

I was so scared about the IT side but they have been very encouraging. I’m beyond happy with support and the product itself

Mrs Marks

United Kingdom

It does everything you need to grow your fitness business. Perfect for group classes and personal training.


United States

Boost Efficiency & Grow Your Fitness Business

You want to automate your business processes and streamline your management to reduce your workload, and provide clients with the convenience of online services like booking and video streaming.

You have a website but aim to cut costs and simplify management, moving away from complex systems that lack fitness and wellness industry specialization.

A positive review for Fitune from a user named Ana Gaby Q, who has given a five-star rating. The reviewer, marked as being from Mexico, appreciates the variety of offerings that Fitune allows them to manage in one place, such as drop-in classes, memberships, subscriptions, and one-on-one sessions. The reviewer ends the feedback with a cheerful note, expressing happiness about switching their platform to Fitune.

You'll Love That Everything's Included

Video-on demand

Monetize your online presence with videos to create a constant revenue stream. With unlimited hosting, course creation tools, and integrations with Youtbe and Vimeo, reaching a worldwide audience has never been easier.

A spacious, well-lit room where two people are engaged in a fitness routine. A man in the foreground and a woman in the background are both doing lunges, synchronized in their movements. They are positioned diagonally to each other, indicating they might be following a workout routine together. In the foreground, a smartphone is set up on a small tripod, likely recording or live streaming their exercise session. The natural light from the windows suggests a serene workout environment.

Time-saving integrations

Manage your bookings, finances, marketing, and online services from a simple easy-to-learn dashboard in just 5 minutes a day.

A dynamic scene inside a well-equipped fitness center with a group of people engaged in exercise activities. In the foreground, a woman in a black tank top and patterned leggings is balancing on a wobble board while passing a medicine ball to a bearded man in a tank top who is also balancing on similar equipment. Another woman stands on a wobble board in the background, smiling, and an individual in the back appears to be using a smartphone. The gym is modern with a variety of fitness equipment, bright lighting, and mirrors that create a spacious atmosphere.


Fitune has every management tool needed for your business. Eliminate the need for complex systems or excessive monthly fees.

A close-up of two individuals at a fitness center exchanging a credit card and a mobile phone, presumably processing a payment. The person handing over the credit card is wearing a light-colored dress or skirt and has a fitness tracker or band on the wrist, suggesting they are a client. The other person is holding the phone, which is encased in a blue protective cover, indicative of a transaction being made. In the softly focused background, racks of dumbbells are visible, indicating the setting is a gym.

Unparalleled Support

Increase your revenue from day one with the help of our onboarding specialists, video tutorials, launch checklists and follow up communications.

A fitness instructor with curly hair and wearing a blue tank top, holding a clipboard and discussing with two attentive female clients in a gym setting. The women are dressed in workout gear, indicating a professional interaction, possibly regarding their fitness plans or progress. The background is out of focus, suggesting the private and focused nature of the conversation.

Clients love Fitune

Offer your clients an intuitive interface to ensure a seamless purchase experience and keep them coming back.

A diverse and joyful group of people in a fitness studio, celebrating and posing for the camera. They are dressed in workout attire and are scattered around an exercise bike, some are sitting on it, others are standing around. Their expressions and gestures suggest they are having a great time, with some throwing their hands in the air and smiling broadly. The background shows exercise equipment like free weights, suggesting an upbeat, communal workout environment.

Fitune includes the best tools for your fitness business

✅  In-person booking management
✅  Online booking management
✅  Staff management
✅  Payment processing
✅  One-on-one appointments

✅  Membership management
✅  Automated emails
✅  Live stream integration
✅  CRM management
✅  Industry specific analytics
✅  On demand video