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5 Best Fitness CRMs 2024 (small to large Gyms & Fitness studios)

Ileana del Río

We analyzed the Best Fitness CRMs for gyms and fitness studios. We studied over 120 real user reviews for each platform to give you all the info you need to decide on the best platform for your fitness business.

5 Top Performing Fitness CRMs for Gyms and Fitness Studios in 2024

  • 🥇 Fitune - Best overall (Free Website & Client App included)
  • 🥈 Gymdesk - Good for basic management
  • 🥉 Glofox - Good for very large gyms or fitness studios

Other Top Fitness CRMs for Gyms and Fitness Studios in 2024

Software Has Free Trial Transparent Pricing Requires Demo Call Ideal for Single Studios and Individual Trainers
Fitune ✅ Yes, + Free Forever Plan + Free App ✅ Yes, $0-$249/month ✅ No ✅ Yes
Gymdesk ✅ Yes, for a limited time ✅ Yes, $75-$200/month ✅ No 🔴 No
Glofox 🔴 No 🔴 No 🔴 Yes ✅ Yes
MindBody 🔴 No 🔴 No 🔴 Yes 🔴 No
Team up ✅ Yes ✅ Yes, $99-399/month ✅ No 🔴 No

1. 🥇 Fitune

Best overall for individual teachers and studios with 1-4 locations.

Página principal de Fitune, plataforma para reservar y pagar clases y citas de fitness y wellness. Botón de inicio y valoraciones Trustpilot.

Most loved by users:

  • Free Website & App: Access to a free website and app is a notable perk of Fitune plans, enabling you to grow your client list and boost reservations. t's unique to be included for free in any plan, as with other software platforms you often pay $200-$400 per month for your own app.
  • User Friendly: Fitune offers an intuitive, user-friendly interface for the staff and clients, which saves a lot of time in booking or scheduling anything.
  • Responsive Customer Support: Fitune users acknowledge the responsive and supportive customer service for addressing any kind of question or issue, which ensures the smooth operations of a business.
  • All-in-One Platform: Fitune offers rich functionalities in gym and fitness studio management fields: class scheduling, member management, and payment processing. This means that users do not require multiple software solutions.

Most hated by users:

  • Initial Feature Gaps: During its launch, gym or fitness studio owners stated that Fitune lacked some of the core features. Continuous updates are in place to cover the gaps, based on user feedback, for better platform functionality.
  • Price Fluctuations: Changes in the pricing structure have been the topic of discussion, along with initial confusion, for Fitune in relation to the pricing tiers and features added to these pricing tiers. The issue of concern for gym or fitness studio owners seems to have settled down after initiating a "Free Forever" package for beginners.

Overall score:  #1 Gym and Fitness Studio CRM, ideal for individual teachers and studios with 1-4 locations

Fitune’s Website Builder

Fit Nation Studio homepage showing a large gym, equipment, numbers on walls, and a 'Fit Nation Studio' banner. 'Join A Free Class' button.

Fitune class management

 Fitune classes management screen showing a list of various fitness classes with their levels, statuses, and number of upcoming sessions.

Fitune’s Class Calendar

Fitune calendar view showing a weekly schedule of various fitness classes, including yoga, boot camp, and pilates, with a sidebar menu for navigation

Fitune Service Management & Scheduling

Fitune services management screen showing 1-on-1 services like massage therapy and personal training, with details on duration, location, and price.

Fitune offers fitness studios and gym owners a user-friendly CRM platform with several benefits. Its intuitive interface makes it easy for staff to navigate, streamlining operations. Additionally, Fitune's affordability is a significant advantage for businesses looking to manage their budget effectively. Prompt and responsive customer support further enhances the user experience, ensuring that any issues are swiftly addressed. However, Fitune may have some limitations, including a lack of advanced customization options and certain features found in more robust CRM systems. While it meets the basic needs of fitness businesses, those seeking extensive customization or advanced functionalities may find Fitune somewhat limited. Overall, Fitune presents a viable CRM solution for fitness studios and gyms, particularly those prioritizing simplicity and cost-effectiveness.

2. Gymdesk

 Gymdesk homepage promoting gym management software with simplified billing, member management, and marketing. Offers a 30-day free trial and demo.

Has Free Trial: Yes, for a limited time

Transparent Pricing: Yes, $75-$200/month

Requires Demo Call: No

Ideal for Single Studios & Individual Trainers: No

Most loved by users:

  • Most Comprehensive: Gymdesk is one of the most comprehensive in terms of gym and fitness studio features, catering very specifically to membership management, billing automation, attendance tracking, and marketing tools.
  • Ease of Use: The software is quite user-friendly, with an easy-to-understand interface that makes it easy for gym staff to move around and use functionalities without much training.
  • Customer Support: Gymdesk provides timely and supportive assistance to all gym owners and staff with any queries and concerns that may come up in connection with the use of the software, ensuring that the experience with the CRM solution is free of interruptions.

Most hated by users:

  • Steeper Learning Curve: While Gymdesk is fairly intuitive for most users like gym owners and their staff members, implementation for first-time users may prove a steep learning curve, especially if coming from another CRM system.
  • Limitations of Customization: Gymdesk has many features; however, some users feel limited in terms of the platform's customization, especially with regard to website design and certain operational workflows.
  • Integration Issues: Depending on the software environment of the gym or fitness studio, there may be some integration issues; for this purpose, the integration of GymDesk with other tools and platforms may also take much time and resources in setup and configuration.

Overall score: Good for basic management.

Gymdesk is a full-blown CRM solution, tailored for fitness studios and gyms, with a range of features designed to streamline operations and manage members effectively. It simplifies back-office processes like membership management, billing automation, attendance tracking, and marketing, enabling owners and staff to focus more on delivering exceptional experiences. The platform is intuitive, making daily tasks manageable without extensive technical knowledge.

Responsive customer support ensures that every user receives the necessary assistance promptly. However, initial implementation might present a steep learning curve, and the system may not support highly personalized customization needs in some cases. Additionally, integrating Gymdesk with certain existing software systems could be complex and requires thorough, careful planning.

3. Glofox

Glofox homepage with 4.5 stars from 465 reviews. Title: 'Trusted by thousands'. Orange button for demo and prices. Dark background.

Has Free Trial: No.

Transparent Pricing: No

Requires Demo Call: Yes

Ideal for Single Studios & Individual Trainers: Yes

Most loved by users:

  • Ease of Use and Interface: Most users have praised GloFox for its very intuitive back end and app interfaces that make their businesses run smoothly. They like the smooth navigation and modern, clean design that empowers flawless administration of bookings, memberships, and classes not just by the owner but their clients as well.
  • Customer Service: Most users of GloFox seem content with the overwhelming service they receive from the platform. They appreciate the collaborative and receptive customer support team that is always there for them, whether a matter arises, in essence, adding value to the end-user experience.
  • App Features and Functionality: GloFox is a very advanced app, with most of its features being applauded for excellent membership management, seamless booking, and payment integrations that come along with push notification options. Most users appreciate the branded app feature for the great impact on client engagement and business development.

Most hated by users:

Technical Failures and Software Bugs: One of the most common complaints from Glofox users is technical failure and software bugs. From difficulty making a booking to processing errors that occasionally happen with payment, such challenges disrupt the operational process and bring client inconvenience.

The responsiveness of the customer service: though customer support is good, numerous customers are dissatisfied with the timeliness of being assisted and having issues resolved. Slow responsiveness and unresolved technical problems cause dissatisfaction to users.

Features and Reporting Limitations: Some users express the inability of features, functionalities, reporting, scheduling, and membership management in GloFox. They want better reporting features, improved configuration possibilities, and a lot more features to adapt to certain business features and preferences quite well.

Overall score: Best for franchises and numerous operations.

GloFox is the easy-to-use customer relationship management software with an intuitive interface, ease of administration, and solid customer support both online and through their customer service office. Easy navigation means easily booking and paying stress-free, branded app functionalities to increase client engagement. Yet in GloFox, there is every chance of operational disruption due to technical issues and bugs, while some customers assert that occasionally their support agents are slow to respond. But there are certain limitations with features, functionalities, and options to customize.

4. Mindbody

Mindbody homepage with collage of fitness and wellness activities. Title: 'The #1 software for fitness and wellness businesses'.

Has Free Trial: No

Transparent Pricing: No

Requires Demo Call: Yes

Ideal for Single Studios & Individual Trainers: No

Most loved by users:

  • Full Booking and Scheduling: MINDBODY is for full scheduling and booking at studios and gyms. The app is designed with intricate features to facilitate simple management of class schedules, bookings, appointments, waitlists, recurring bookings, and many others in pilates studios.
  • Easy Payment Processing: This integrated payment processing system is used to process all transactions taking place within the studio, benefiting the studio and its clients at once. This program has a fast online payment system, automatic billing, and easy tracking for all the financial transactions, making it smooth in handling.
  • Strong and Intuitive Reporting: MINDBODY empowers the owners of fitness studios and gyms with strong, intuitive reporting. Reports on attendance, revenue, class popularity, and staff performance grant insights into effective decision-making, strategy-making for effective marketing, and planning for the future. Those insights are important in making a business grow and the business increase its operational efficiency.

Most hated by users:

  • High Costs: One of the biggest MINDBODY cons is the high subscription fees, largely toward fitness studios and gyms. This can be a big barrier in instances of small establishments with tight budgets or in their developmental stages.
  • Complex User Interface: The majority of users believe that the MINDBODY interface is complicated and extremely counterintuitive, especially when first accessing the system. With so many features and functionalities, it might take up to significant amounts of time and effort to get the hang of the system. This can lead to much setup and implementation frustration.
  • Intermittent Technical Problems: This is subject to the fact that, while overall extremely stable, studio operations may be brought to their knees due to an instance of a technical problem or service interruption at MINDBODY. These can take the form of system sluggishness, all the way through a certain level of downtime, which can impact appointment scheduling, payment processing, and access to data. These technological hitches are normally attended to with speed by the support team.

The diverse nature of the MindBody offering is particularly adapted to fitness studios and gym owners who need a complete CRM system. It comes with scheduling and booking, payment processing, and strong reporting tools important in running the business. Although it has several pros, such as online booking and easy monitoring of transactions, there are a few cons related to the high subscription and a difficult interface that may repel users, especially beginners. Nevertheless, the platform quickly responds to any software problems that occur once in a while.

5. TeamUp

TeamUp homepage for fitness management software, promoting booking for franchises, studios, gyms, and boxes with demo and free trial options.

Has Free Trial: Yes

Transparent Pricing: Yes, $0-66/month

Requires Demo Call: No

Ideal for Single Studios & Individual Trainers: No

Most loved by users:

  • Integrated Payment Options: TeamUp offers integrated solutions for payments to make financial management streamlined. This feature makes it possible for gyms and fitness studios to manage membership fees, class payments, or any other source of revenue centrally.
  • Better Member Experience: TeamUp offers a superlative interface that enhances user experiences. With easily accessible class bookings and seamless management of memberships, the platform encourages your gym-goers to be engaged and satisfied with high retention and loyalty.
  • Full-Feature Set: A myriad of features available in TeamUp are explicitly meant to cater to the needs of gym and fitness studios. From memberships to class scheduling and attendance tracking, all facilities are present in TeamUp in order to help make operations smoother and augment business performance.

Most hated by users:

  • Limited Customization Options: In spite of all its features, TeamUp offers only minimal customization for class schedules and membership plans. This could reduce the flexibility that gyms and fitness studios have in tailoring their offerings to meet specific preferences or needs.
  • Reporting Capabilities: While TeamUp provides basic reporting functionality, it could benefit from offering more in-depth analysis for business needs. The current limitations may hinder insights into performance metrics and the data-driven decision-making process.
  • Advanced Features May Come at an Extra Cost: Some of the advanced features, like enhanced banking visibility, are available only at higher subscription levels. This could result in additional costs for gyms and fitness studios that require more sophisticated functionalities beyond the basic software plan.

TeamUp offers gym and fitness business owners a comprehensive solution for managing their operations, with several notable strengths and some areas for improvement. On the positive side, TeamUp excels in streamlining financial management, providing integrated payment solutions that simplify handling membership fees and class payments. Its user-friendly interface enhances the member experience, facilitating easy class bookings and account management, which can contribute to higher retention rates. Additionally, TeamUp offers a wide range of features tailored to gym and fitness studios' needs, from membership management to class scheduling. However, some limitations include relatively limited customization options for class schedules and membership plans, potentially restricting flexibility. Additionally, while TeamUp provides basic reporting capabilities, more in-depth analysis may require additional tools or higher subscription tiers, leading to potential additional costs for accessing advanced features.

Concluding the Top CRMs for Gyms & Fitness Studios in 2024

Concluding our review of the top CRMs for gyms and fitness studios in 2024, Fitune stands out as the best choice for small to medium-sized businesses. Its user-friendly interface and free forever plan offer great value, especially for those on tight budgets. While it has limitations like basic features and limited customization, Fitune’s all-in-one platform covers essential CRM needs efficiently. With responsive customer support and a straightforward pricing structure, Fitune is ideal for fitness businesses seeking simplicity and cost-effectiveness in their operations, making it the top recommendation for 2024.

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