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Rubén Santamaría

Offering a great experience for your clients is vital for retention and attracting new ones. A big part of creating this experience depends on the platform you use and how your clients can book your activities, watch on-demand videos or purchase a membership.

That’s why Fitune creates a user-friendly storefront for you to use as your website. We have gathered some of the best examples of how fitness providers have created a great experience for their clients through Fitune.

The Goddess Academy:

Showing a very strong visual identity with a well matched logo, banner and activities’ pictures, the Goddess Academy is an easily recognizable brand.

Pair that with a great selection of activities and pricing options and you have a recipe for a rich client experience that will make them come back for more!

MooiFit (Online)

Not only do you have an amazing selection of well-categorized on-demand videos, but you also have a lot to choose from for memberships, packs and pay-as-you-go sessions.

Their activities are very personalized to make sure you will not find them anywhere else and their descriptions are so inspiring that there’s no way you will not be motivated for the class.

F L O W30 On-Demand

One of the many reasons our providers love us is the ability to have their on-demand library available to everyone in a very simple way. A fantastic example of this is F L O W30 with lots of videos ready for you to enjoy and get fit, all with easy-to-follow categories and thumbnails. If you’re wondering how to make a good video on-demand library, this is the way.


What happens if you already have a good-looking website you want to keep using? Well, we’ve got you covered. You just need to embed our widget to your website and you are good to go, it’s very simple and straightforward.

CSC shows that this way you can provide your clients with the familiarity of the site they already know and the ease of use of Fitune, getting the best of both worlds.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out!

Want us to showcase your storefront? Let us know at [email protected] !

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Rubén Santamaría
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