Pamela's Cardio Workout Program Delivers 3-Week Transformations with the help of Fitune

Thelma Garcia

Hey there, fitness and wellness entrepreneurs! Are you looking for inspiration to take your business to the next level? Well, look no further because today we have the pleasure of introducing you to Pamela, a passionate Cardioworkout coach who recently launched her online program, Tú Contigo.

In this blog, we'll dive into Pamela's journey, her business, and how she overcame challenges to bring her fitness expertise to a wider audience. So, grab your dumbbells and resistance bands as we explore the world of Pamela's Cardioworkout program!

Q: Tell us a bit about yourself.

A: Absolutely! I've been a certified fitness coach for five years, with experience teaching in-person classes at gyms and hotels. Originally from Mexico City, I worked as a commercial model for a few years, where I fell in love with being in front of the camera. I currently reside in Playa del Carmen for the past four years, and two months ago, I combined my passions for TV and fitness by launching my online platform. It's been an exciting journey, and I'm so grateful for the opportunity to reach more customers, regardless of location.

Q: Tell us about your business.

A: Hi, I'm Pamela, and I'm thrilled to share my fitness journey with you. Tú Contigo is my brainchild, a space created to enhance the physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being of my clients, primarily women. I launched my first Cardioworkout program just two months ago, which spans over three weeks. It's a monthly membership-based program consisting of pre-recorded classes where I guide you through the routines from start to finish. It's like having your own personal coach right at your fingertips!

Q: What does the program entail?

A: Great question! The program comprises a total of 15 routines, carefully designed for home or open spaces. All you need is a pair of dumbbells, leggings, and resistance bands if you prefer. We alternate between Cardio Workout routines for three days and strength routines for two days, totaling five workouts per week. The routines have a duration of 35 to 48 minutes, ensuring you get a fantastic workout without taking up too much of your precious time.

Q: How do you engage with your clients?

A: To ensure a warm welcome and seamless experience, my program includes a welcome video, an introduction, and congratulations on taking the first step towards a healthier you. Plus, I offer one free sample Cardio Workout class and one free sample strength class to help you get a taste of what to expect.

You can find my guided meditations, routines, and motivational videos on our YouTube channel, and we also share healthy recipes and routines on our Instagram account. It's all about building a supportive community while working towards our fitness goals together!

Q: What do you enjoy most about teaching or running your business?

A: The most fulfilling aspect of my work is helping women like myself achieve their goals, regain their figure, improve their health, and boost their self-esteem. Witnessing their transformations, both physical and mental, brings me immense joy and satisfaction. It's incredibly rewarding to be a part of someone's fitness journey and support them every step of the way.

Q: What were some challenges you faced before using Fitune, and why did you choose it?

A: Before discovering Fitune, I was unsure about how to sell my program online without a personal website, especially considering the high costs involved. That's when Fitune came to my rescue! Fitune allowed me to launch my training program with my own website, which was a game-changer. With features like pre-recorded classes, easy card payments, and 24-hour access, Fitune provided all the tools necessary to meet my clients' needs effectively.

Tu Contigo's Video on Demand page. Powered by Fitune.

Q: What is your #1 tip for fitness or wellness entrepreneurs aiming to elevate their businesses?

A: My top tip would be to embrace the power of online services. By offering your expertise and services online, you can reach a much broader audience, helping you expand your business and impact. The internet has opened up countless opportunities to connect with clients worldwide, so don't hesitate to utilize this incredible tool and take your fitness or wellness business to new heights!

Q: Tell us about an upcoming event or project you are working on.

A: I'm super excited about an upcoming event I'm planning! I aim to organize a large open class for the public in Playa del Carmen. Picture a vibrant stage, a bustling crowd, and an energetic workout session. The best part? All proceeds from the event will be donated to an association that supports women who have experienced violence. It's a way for me to combine my passion for fitness with a cause close to my heart, spreading positive energy and making a difference in our community.

Pamela's journey as a fitness entrepreneur is truly inspiring. With her dedication and commitment to helping women achieve their fitness goals, Pamela has found a way to connect with a larger audience through her online platform, Tú Contigo. Fitune played a pivotal role in streamlining her business operations and making her program accessible to clients worldwide. So, if you're a fitness or wellness entrepreneur looking to take your business to the next level, remember Pamela's top tip: embrace the online world and unlock the unlimited potential it holds.

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