Music licensing: what you should know

Rubén Santamaría

Trying to figure out music licensing can be challenging, and it’s easy to get wrong and have your video taken down. 

But don’t worry, we’re here to help! 

Common questions about music licensing

Let’s start with PPL. 

What is a PPL? It stands for Public Performance License – it’s an agreement between you and the copyright holder, as long as you have one of these licenses you can play their music on your videos or streams.

What should you look at ? Royalty free or license free! It simply means you don’t have to pay to acquire the rights to play the songs.

Do you need a music license?

If you like playing your favourite tunes during your sessions, you should consider paying for the rights. If you operate on your own or have a gym, then you are responsible for getting the license. If you work for a gym or any other fitness facility, then they are responsible for it.

Regardless of the situation, you must get a music license if you plan on playing music on your sessions, otherwise your videos may be taken down or worse, end up paying fines.  

How do you get a music license?

These are usually purchased from a Performing Rights Organisation – the organisation in charge of paying artists

Are there any limitations to license free music ?

Usually there would be no limitations, but it will depend on the music provider’s terms and conditions. However, some music providers may have limitations when it comes to uploading content on YouTube or any other video streaming platform, so read those ToCs carefully.

Free music providers!

Here’s a small list of some license free music providers:

A bonus option is the option provided by our official partner ‘’EMD UK’’. They offer one of the best cost-friendly licenses, specifically designed for online fitness professionals. It will allow you to play the music on your livestreams within platforms like Zoom, Microsoft teams, Google Meet and many more! You can find out more here.

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Rubén Santamaría
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