Monetize your videos online with 3 easy steps

Thelma Garcia

It is no surprise in this day and age that people are making more and more money through their videos and the fitness industry is no exception to that.

Gone are the days of spending months creating a video course and then hoping someone buys it. Now is the time to get creative, get strategic, and discover how you can monetize your content online.

As an ambitious fitness entrepreneur, you understand that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to success—so why not look for ways to optimize your efforts with today’s advanced technology?

This blog post will explore strategies to turn your videos into money by outlining what steps you need now in order to create sustainable income streams that keep paying out every month moving forward! 

The basics

Video monetization is simply the process of generating income through the videos you share online on any platform. This usually involves advertising or subscriptions.

Access is typically how it works - people will pay to watch your amazing creations or even transmit messages through them. A simple example would be something like Netflix; you pay a subscription to get access to all the movies and series.

Although there are different ways to monetize your videos, we will focus on videos on demand (VOD).

Videos on demand

We know you may need the extra help, so with Fitune, we’ve made sure you get two options to monetize your videos on demand.

1. Transactional videos on demand: this means people will make a one-time payment and they will get access to the videos you share on your website. With this method, clients have the freedom of creating an account on your website and pay only for what they want to watch.

2. Subscription videos on demand: your clients will pay a monthly membership fee to get access to all the videos you put out there. If your subscribers are happy with the content you upload, they will be eager to continue paying for access. When you have an established recurring income, you can implement a financial plan and set your growth goals to increase the revenue.

3 basic steps to start monetizing

1. Make a content plan

It may sound overwhelming to think about the content you will put out on the web. However, brainstorming ideas and coming up with a content and uploading plan will definitely help.

You may also think that you don’t have the professional equipment, but c’mon, it’s 2023! You have all the equipment you need to start on your phone.

Get a notepad or your Notion page, and start brainstorming the different routines you can record. Set a time and date, and don’t forget a place with nice lighting. Your clients will appreciate that.

Remember the post-production process. This means making all the edits necessary to the video.

2. Find the right platform to sell your videos

Lucky for you, Fitune gives you a dashboard where you can manage everything you need.

You can upload your videos, add categories, add descriptions, set prices, and publish them on your own website powered by Fitune as well.

You can follow our step-by-step guide to set up your video library here

3. Offer memberships or packs

Creating a membership is a way of getting a consistent income. The pre-recorded videos on your video library takes the effort off and generates tremendous income. This also allows you as a provider to create content at your own pace and have control of your schedule.

With Fitune, you can create unlimited membership or packs. Unlimited memberships offer unlimited access to your video content, while packs can be used to sell multiple credits at discounted rates. Set expiration dates and subscription options per week, month & more.

In conclusion...

If you are looking for ways to grow your business and your revenue, monetizing your videos is definitely a good option. 

If you want to explore the different options that Fitune offers to allow you to create your own on-demand video library, start your free trial today or request a free demo so we can go over it together!

Happy monetizing!

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Thelma Garcia
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