How to Write a Blockbuster Welcome Email That Inspires and Retains New Members in Your Fitness Business

Ileana del Río

​​The moment you sign up at a new fitness business is filled with a whirlwind of emotions. Nerves and excitement are swirling as visions of conquering your goals dance in your head. Then, ding! An email notification pops up. But this is no ordinary message — it's a super welcome email that screams, "You made an awesome choice by joining us!" That's the power of a truly great welcome email for new members. It can set the tone for your entire experience. Let's discuss how to craft one that instantly grabs attention and keeps people hooked from day one.

What Makes a Welcome Email Insanely Good?

First, let's break down what elevates a welcome email from drab to wildly engaging. It's not about drowning people in excessive information. Nailing an awesome welcome email is about:

  • Making new members feel an incredible sense of belonging right away
  • Showing them they're genuinely valued and appreciated
  • Getting them stupendly pumped and motivated to start their fitness journey

Make It a Personalized Experience

We all crave feeling special and seen as individuals. That's why starting with a simple "Hey [Name]" instead of an impersonal "Dear customer" changes everything. It shows you see them as a unique person from the jump. But don't stop there:

  • Customize different parts of the email to align with their interests, goals, and background
  • If they mentioned wanting to build significant muscle, highlight how your expert trainers will help sculpt their dream physique
  • This level of personal tailoring makes them feel valued and seen from day one

Keep Things Excitingly Clear and Skimmable

New members are undoubtedly excited to get started, but they may also feel a bit lost, confused, or overwhelmed by the new environment and routine. Your welcome email should serve as a radiant beacon of clarity amidst the chaos, providing:

  • A simple, straightforward rundown of what to expect during those crucial first few weeks
  • Any helpful beginner tips or must-know info about your awesome amenities and features
  • But keeping these explanations concise and snappy to avoid overload!

For example: "Before your first visit, be sure to check out our full class schedule and easily book times that work for you here: []." Clear, easy, no confusion whatsoever.

Infuse It With Warmth and Encouragement

While packed with vital info and action steps, the overall tone and vibe of your welcome email should be like receiving a warm, supportive hug from a good friend. Starting a new fitness routine is incredibly intimidating for most! Your welcome message should:

  • Be their personal cheering section and confidence-boosting voice
  • Get them fist-pumpingly hyped and motivated to dive in head first
  • Include something like: "We're so incredibly excited to be part of your fitness journey and can't wait to help you crush your goals!"

What to Include In Your Showstopping Welcome

Okay, you understand the "how" of nailing the written and emotional aspects - but what about the "what"? What key components should every awesome welcome email contain?

A Mega, Energizing Welcome

Kick things off with a big, loud, energizing note of celebration and excitement that immediately grabs their attention. Let these new members know you're absolutely thrilled they chose your fitness business as the place to transform their lives.

Clarity on Their Next Steps

  • Outline their simple, easy-to-follow next steps to get started
  • Things like downloading your app, booking their first class or session, scheduling an intro call with a trainer, etc.
  • But present it in a clear, directionless call-to-action to cut through any potential confusion

Helpful Resources and Content

In addition to your encouragement and next steps, equip them with helpful resources to hit the ground running by sharing:

  • Useful guides and tips for beginner exercisers
  • An overview of your healthy eating and nutrition philosophies
  • Information highlighting your wide range of amenities and how to maximize them

How to Reach Out for Support

Last but not least, make sure to include your various contact channels and information so these new members know exactly how to reach out if they have any questions, concerns, or just want to chat. This helps build trust, comfort, and familiarity from the very start.

Real Examples and Data-Backed Proof

The impact and importance of personalized, clear, and motivating welcome emails goes far beyond just feeling nice. Marketing research shows personalized emails make people 29% more likely to engage with your messaging and offerings. This isn't just fluff or guesstimation - it's backed by hard data and stats. Adding thoughtful personal touches and distilling your welcome into easy-to-understand, skim-friendly language is crucial for keeping new members engaged and sticking around long-term.

Example: FitLife Fitness' Results

One compelling example is FitLife Fitness. They revamped their welcome email strategy to include customized workout plans and personal training recommendations tailored to each new member's background, stated goals, and preferences. Within just 3 months of rolling out this personalized approach, FitLife saw a staggering 40% increase in long-term member retention compared to the previous period. Proof that keeping things personal and people-centric pays off massively!

Example: How Gym Nation Boosted Engagement

Gym Nation is another case study in welcome email greatness. Their old bland "thanks for joining" note was snoozeville. To spice things up, they created a more visually engaging and multimedia welcome experience:

  • Eye-catching branded photos of their stellar facilities and superstar trainers in action
  • A quick video tour of the gym's various sections and equipment so new members felt familiar from day 1
  • An inspiring "Member of the Month" feature story showcasing one of their long-time members' incredible fitness transformation as a preview of what's possible

After rolling out this refreshed, engaging welcome flow, Gym Nation saw new member engagement rates in the first 30 days skyrocket by 25%.

The Takeaway: Your Welcome Can Make or Break Their Journey

At the end of the swole-drenched day, crafting an amazing welcome email is so much more than just saying "hi" or pushing out a generic message. It's quite literally the foundational first impression that can make or break someone's entire fitness journey with your business.

With a thoughtfully crafted, personal, clear, and encouraging welcome message, you instantly set the tone for an epic experience filled with success. But a sloppy, cold, or confusing welcome? That can completely derail someone's momentum before they even start. 

Your welcome email has the power to change someone's life for the better. So treat it as such! Take the time to make it a truly memorable, pleasant experience that gets people fist-pumpingly pumped. Remove all potential roadblocks or questions. Shower them with motivating energy and resources. Let that positivity and passion propel them into crushing their goals alongside your expert team.

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Ileana del Río
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