How to Rake In More Cash and Keep Your Fitness Community Ecstatic with Awesome Extras

Ileana del Río

You've built a thriving fitness studio, and your loyal members seem super satisfied with their experience so far. But have you thought about ways to generate some extra income streams while also piling on awesome new perks to keep your tribe even more pumped? By getting creative with add-on offerings, you can make your members feel like VIPs while plumping up profits too.

Your Existing Members Are Pure Gold

The clients you already have are your most valuable asset - don't underestimate them! Why?

  • They already know, like and trust you and your services - A LOT easier to sell more to existing fans than constantly find new customers
  • You understand their wants, needs and personalities from your relationship
  • They'll spread the word about new offerings to friends, generating even more business

So instead of purely chasing new sign-ups, get strategic about delivering more for these raving fans.

Eavesdrop for Genius Ideas

Your members are already giving you brilliant hints every day about new extras or services they'd love - if you just listen closely. Pay close attention when they:

  • Mention problems, frustrations or wish lists in passing chat
  • Ask you for recommendations on things like good healthy snacks or foam rollers
  • Compliment other businesses' offerings that you could also provide

Jot down every comment or request you hear. You'll start noticing patterns that indicate an opportunity.

For example, let's say tons of members mention struggles like:

  • "I wish I had more time/energy to meal prep healthy food for the week."
  • "I get so bored eating the same chicken and broccoli every day."
  • "Does anyone have any good, fast recipe ideas?"

Those insights could point to a slam-dunk new offering: Ready-to-go, macro-friendly meal kits or meal delivery services branded from your studio!

Delight Them with a Killer Deal

Once you identify an in-demand new offering, package and pitch it in a way that makes it impossible for members to refuse. A few ideas:

Create an Epic Bundle Deal: Let's say you're adding small group personal training alongside your regular classes. Don't just sell it a la carte - bundle it into an unreal package like:

"For just $189/month, you get unlimited gym access, 2 small group personal training sessions per week, PLUS our new 8-Week Body Transformation meal plan and nutrition coaching!"

Discount for a Sneak Peek: When launching new services, offer a crazy deal to create buzz and lock in early sign-ups:

"Be one of the first 25 members to sign up for our new HIIT Bootcamp class in April and get 50% off! Just $50/month for unlimited bootcamp PLUS free t-shirt and shaker bottle for the first month. After that, regular price is $99/month."

Add Extra Bonuses or Perks: Take a popular existing service and add a couple fun bonus extras to increase the perceived value. Like your personal training package could become:

"Get 8 personal training sessions per month, a personalized nutrition plan, PLUS new hydration supplements and foam roller included (a $75 value!)"

Get creative with bundling relevant extras together. When you can demonstrate way higher value than the actual price tag, it's an easy sell.

Surprise and Delight at Every Turn

Truth is, loyal boutique fitness clients don't just want a place to work out. They crave a total lifestyle experience and sense of community that inspires them in all areas of health, fitness and personal growth.

So create that world for them! Add excitement by hosting events and workshops that cover their other wellness needs and interests:

  • Living Well Workshops: Reducing Stress, Budgeting, Meal Prep Hacks, Eating for Health
  • Workout Parties: Quarterly Bring-a-Friend Bootcamps, Sunrise Yoga Raves, Dance Nights
  • Personal Growth Talks: Goal-Setting, Building Confidence, Finding Your Purpose
  • Accountability Challenges: Weight Loss Dashers, 30-Day Push-Up Crush It Club
  • Exclusive Pop-Ups: Workout Trunk Shows with Trending Apparel or Gear, Smoothie Tastings

Make your studio their hub for all things healthy living! And rotate in new, limited-time offerings regularly to keep it fresh.

Don't forget the exclusivity and individual attention either. Special perks like member shout-out walls, VIP tank giveaways for hitting milestones, birthday month deals, and members-only socials make them feel valued.

Open Up New Revenue Streams

While delivering unbeatable experiences, look for opportunities to generate additional revenue streams. A few ideas:

Open an Attached Retail Space: Stock an onsite or online store with all the gear, athleisure apparel, drinks and snacks your members love. Just mark prices up 25%+ over your wholesale costs.

Some easy first offerings could include:

  • Popular supplement brands like Optimum Nutrition or GHOST
  • Trendy sneaker and tech apparel/accessories
  • Fitness tech like WHOOP bands, foam rollers, ab wheels
  • Healthy packaged foods like RXBARs, Built bars, etc.

Host a Regular Community Market: Rent out space monthly to local healthy vendors like nutritionists, life coaches, massage therapists, etc. for $20-50 per vendor. While providing convenient access to services for members, you can earn on booth fees.

Sell Branded Merch and Accessories: People love repping their favorite studios. Sell t-shirts, tanks, totes, water bottles and more adorned with your studio logo and catchy slogans. You can easily mark these up 100-200% since they're premium brand items.

Rent Your Space for Events: During closed hours, rent out your studio for things like community rooms for meetings, kids' birthday parties, personal training photoshoots, etc. It's free money when not in use!

The key is to always be considering "what else?" your members could want or need in terms of health, wellness, and lifestyle support. Get creative about packaging, pricing and promotions. With a little ingenuity, you can dramatically increase revenue streams while giving your tribe of loyal fans extraordinary end-to-end experiences.

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Ileana del Río
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