How to market your fitness business and generate more sales

Rubén Santamaría

So you just finished setting up your website and are now probably wondering how to effectively grow your business.

Well, let us give you a few tips.

1. Making your activities easy to find

The first step is adding your website link to your Instagram and Facebook bio if you haven’t already. Seems quite simple, but makes a huge impact. The fact that your clients can easily find your activities can make the difference between them booking or not.

2. Reach more people with Facebook ads.

In order to run your campaigns effectively, you need to know your clients: what they like, their interests and more. The more you know your clients the more targeted the ads can be, so you will probably reach the right audience, so more clicks / leads.

This tool is available for Facebook and Instagram so you have options to promote and grow in both platforms.

You can promote posts, videos and stories, so you can try what works best for you until you get the best results. 

The good thing here is that you don’t need to invest a lot of money, you can start with a tight budget and see how it goes, then once you get the hang of it you can invest more.

3. Use Google ads

Google Ads is another great tool that offers flexibility. You can decide the area where your ads will be displayed so you can stay local or reach more people internationally. You have different templates to showcase your ads, like banners or pop ups. And you have great control of your investments since you can set the limit for your budget and get an estimate of your ROI.

You can also add YouTube ads with the Google Ads suite, they may be a little more expensive, but it’s great for showing a quick preview of what they can expect from your activities.

4.  Invite members

A direct invite is a great way to get people to start booking your activities. Fitune offers an amazing tool for this, all you need are their name and email address, it will send them an invitation with their login details and a link to your website, pretty easy! You can invite as many people as you want.

5. Create loyal customers

Happy customers are the best advertising you can have, that’s why referrals help you get even more clients. You may offer a free month or week to those who bring a referral and so on, that way your clients will be motivated to bring more people.

6. Old school methods can be quite helpful
Using flyers and going old school, is another good idea. You can provide a quick glimpse of your business, include a barcode to your storefront so they can easily join, and some promo codes so people are willing to try your sessions.

Some first timers may be sceptical, so it’s a great idea to provide a free class every now and then, to retain potential customers. Make sure to advertise the free classes as much as you can so you can get as many new clients as possible.

7. Get people to know and remember you

Another strategic marketing tool is selling merch. You get to increase your sales (depending on your margins), and get brand recognition. Key here is to make sure the actual merch you are selling is good quality, to create the best impressions.

Online marketing involves a lot of trial and error. You can try as many marketing tips as you want, but eventually you will find the right solution for you.

Always remember to listen to your clients and understand your target audience. 

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Rubén Santamaría
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