How to Keep Your Fitness Studio Members Happy and Coming Back

Ileana del Río

Looking for ways to make your fitness studio the place to be? You've come to the right spot! This guide is packed with simple, engaging ideas to help your members feel at home and excited about their workouts. Let's turn every visit into something they look forward to, shall we? 

Welcome Them Like Family

  • First things first, let's make everyone feel like they belong.
  • A simple "hello," a big smile, and using their name can go a long way.
  • Have your team chat with members, get to know them, and maybe even host fun events where everyone can meet and share their fitness journeys. 

It's all about making your studio a second home.

 Example: Think of your studio as a cozy living room where everyone's invited to hang out. Maybe set up a spot where members can post their workout achievements or personal bests. 

Another example: Host a monthly "member mixer" with healthy snacks and beverages so people can socialize and make new friends. You could even have icebreaker games to help facilitate connections. 

Yet another example: Create a members-only Facebook group or other online community where folks can share stories, ask questions, and feel part of the studio family even when they're not there in person.

Make Workouts a Blast

Who said exercise can't be fun? Shake things up by making workouts feel like a game.

  • Imagine an obstacle course where members can team up and face challenges together.
  • Or use tech to let them track their progress in a friendly competition.

Example: Picture a fitness treasure hunt. Members complete exercises to find clues and eventually uncover a prize, like healthy treats or cool workout gear. It's a workout, but it feels like an adventure.

Another example: Set up a leaderboard that tracks things like most burpees done in a week or fastest mile time. Members can compete against each other or themselves to level up.

One more example: Create workout playlists with fun, themed music to get people pumped. Maybe have an 80s workout, a Latin dance cardio playlist, or video game soundtrack strength training.

Mix It Up with Cool Classes

Keep things fresh by offering a bunch of different classes.

  • Whether it's yoga, dance, or something out-of-the-box like aerial yoga or VR workouts, give your members new things to try.
  • Updating your classes keeps everyone interested and looking forward to what's next.

Example: Once in a while, bring in a guest instructor for something unique, like a dance-off class or a special yoga retreat. It's like having a surprise guest DJ that everyone looks forward to.

Another example: Offer short-term specialty classes each month or quarterly on unique topics like kickboxing, Olympic lifting, rock climbing conditioning, etc.

And another: Let your members vote on or suggest new classes they'd like to see offered. This gets them invested and ensures you're giving them more of what they want.

Treat Them Like Stars

Make every member feel special with little perks here and there.

  • Maybe it's a VIP parking spot, access to exclusive sessions, or a cool welcome gift.
  • A rewards program can also show them how much you appreciate their dedication.

Example: Think about giving out a "member of the month" award with special privileges, like a prime locker spot or a feature on your studio's social media. It's a way to say "we see you and you're awesome."

Another example: Offer premium amenities like plush towel service, high-end products in the showers, or an upscale lounge area.

One more example: Provide personal training sessions as a perk for hitting certain milestones or referring new members.

Build a Super Team

Your staff are the heroes of your studio. Train them to be great at what they do and to really care about the members. When members feel supported and cheered on, they're more likely to stick around.

Example: Regularly train your team on new workout trends and people skills. It's like having a superhero squad where everyone has a special power to make the day better for your members.

Another example: Encourage your staff to learn members' names, fitness goals, and personal interests so they can provide individualized support and a personal touch. 

Plus this example: Maintain an internal kudos system where staff can give shoutouts to each other for going above and beyond. Publicly celebrate your team's excellence regularly.

Create a Community Hub

Make your studio the place to be, not just for workouts but for hanging out too.

  • Set up comfy areas for post-workout chats.
  • Partner with local cafes for discounts.
  • Or host community events that bring everyone together.

Example: How cool would it be to have a smoothie or coffee bar right in your studio? Members could grab a drink, sit down, and chat about their fitness goals or the latest class. It's like your favorite cafe, but with dumbbells.

Another example: Offer fun community events like outdoor yoga in the park, group hikes, or charity fitness challenges that get members engaged beyond just workout classes.

One more example: Create studio apparel like t-shirts or gym bags that members can purchase. Seeing others rocking your studio's gear around town builds camaraderie. 

The little things make a big difference. Keeping your studio's vibe positive, energetic, and community-focused is key. Get creative and switch it up often. Thoughtful touches like celebrating members' successes, enabling socializing, and letting their voices be heard go a long way. Combine that with a super staff, fresh workout options, and VIP perks - and you've got a studio that feels like a second home. By turning your studio into a community, you're not just offering a place to sweat; you're creating a space where fitness and friendship meet. Start putting these ideas into action, and watch your studio grow into everyone's favorite fitness spot! 

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Ileana del Río
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