How to Buy Fitness Studio Equipment and Save Money: 10 Genius Tips!

Ileana del Río

Looking to get new gear for your crossfit box, pilates or fitness studio without breaking the bank? Here are ten simple and smart ways to save money while getting the best equipment for your clients.

1. Ask Your Members What They Want and Make More Money

Knowing your clientele helps you invest in equipment that meets their needs, ensuring high usage and satisfaction, which translates to increased memberships and retention.

Here’s how:

  1. Ask and Listen: Use a simple tool like SurveyMonkey to ask your studio members what they like to do and what fitness tools they wish they had or seize the small talk to bring up the topic!
  2. Learn from Answers: Look at what your members say. See what most people like and what's popular.
  3. Choose Wisely: Buy the workout tools that most of your members are excited about. This way, they'll have more reasons to workout at your studio!
Two men in a gym setting. One man is wearing a red t-shirt, has a beard, and is smiling while holding a tablet, possibly a coach or personal trainer. The other man, possibly a client or athlete, is wearing a blue shirt and a white cap, and he appears to be in a conversation with the first man, perhaps discussing a workout plan or receiving feedback on his training. They are standing indoors with gym equipment visible in the background, suggesting a focus on fitness and personal training.

2. Boost Profits by Investing in Popular Fitness Gear

Investing in high-demand equipment ensures your studio offers value, keeping membership turnover low and attracting new members.

Here’s how:

  1. Keep Track: Keep a check on which equipment get used the most.
  2. Spot What's Hot and Not: Notice what equipment is the favorite. If you work with different equipment models for pilates class, for example, see if your clients prefer more one reformer than the other.
  3. Spend Smart: Use your money to get more of the machines that everybody loves to use. This will make sure that your studio clients are satisfied.
A group of individuals is performing exercises on Pilates reformer machines in a fitness studio. They are in plank positions, aligned in a row, showing focus and strength during their workout. The room is well-lit with a mirror along the wall, reflecting their movements, and the decor suggests a clean and modern exercise space

3. Save Money: Pick Fitness Equipment That Lasts Longer

Focusing on the longevity and maintenance costs of equipment can reduce long-term expenses, preserving your profit margins.

Here’s how:

  1. Look Before You Leap: Look at different fitness machines to see which ones will last the longest and cost less over time.
  2. Add It Up: Think about how much a machine costs to buy, how much it costs to keep it running, and how long it can last. It's like making sure you have enough allowance for a toy that's worth it.
  3. Choose the Best Deal: Pick the machines that are good at their job and don't eat up your money in the long run.
A group of people engaged in exercise on cardio machines, likely treadmills, in a gym setting. The focus is on a man in a red tank top, who seems to be running and wearing wristbands or fitness trackers, suggesting a focus on performance monitoring. A woman with her hair in a ponytail, wearing a black top, is visible on the right, and there are at least two more individuals in the background, also engaged in exercise. The blurred motion suggests an action shot capturing the intensity of the workout. The environment suggests a communal and active atmosphere typically found in fitness centers.

4. Unlock Affordable F Equipment with Leasing

Leasing allows for regular equipment updates without hefty upfront costs, attracting members with the latest fitness tech.

Here’s how:

  1. Contact Vendors: Talk to companies that let you lease fitness machines.
  2. Understand the Rules: Check the lease and know what you're agreeing to.
  3. Choose the New Stuff Wisely: Decide to lease the fancy equipment that gets updated a lot, so your fitness studio always has the best and most fun tools!
A row of elliptical trainers in a gym. These machines are designed for cardiovascular exercise and feature large, round bases with foot pedals and upright handles, which users push and pull in a gliding motion. The ellipticals are positioned next to a window, allowing for natural light to enter the space. Above the machines, there's a series of fluorescent lights, contributing to the well-lit environment. The walls are a neutral grey, and the floor seems to be made of a durable material suitable for heavy gym equipment. This setup is typical for a modern fitness center, where such machines are lined up to face outward, possibly for users to enjoy the view or watch monitors during their workout. The gym appears clean and well-maintained, ready for users to engage in their fitness routines

5.  Make Space Work Smarter and Get Better Earnings

Efficient use of space can accommodate more members at peak times, enhancing member satisfaction and increasing revenue potential.

Here’s how:

  1. Draw a Map: Use a computer program or draw it by hand to plan where each workout machine or gear should go.
  2. Pick the Best Tools: Choose workout machines that can do many exercises but don't take up too much room.
  3. Put It All Together: Move things around in your gym to match your treasure map. This way, you create more space for members to exercise, specially if you work with HIIT circuits or crossfit.
An indoor gym where three people are engaged in different types of exercises. On the left, there's a person doing an overhead lift with a barbell, in the center, another individual is using parallel bars likely for push-ups or dips, and on the right, someone is standing atop a plyometric box, which might be used for box jumps or step-ups. The gym has a variety of equipment, suggesting a focus on functional fitness or CrossFit-style workouts. The environment is well-lit and appears to be designed for high-intensity training with ample space for movement and a variety of exercises

6. Get Trendy, Get Noticed: Upgrade Your Fitness Studio Appeal

Offering the latest in fitness trends can set your fitness studio apart from competitors, drawing in niche markets and boosting membership sales.

  1. Explore: Go to fitness shows and make research to discover the newest workout fun.
  2. Ask the Team: Talk to your studio members like a team huddle. Ask which new workouts they want to try.
  3. Try Something New: Pick a new, exciting workout machine and see if it's a hit with your studio members.

7. Make Maintenance Your Studio Money-Saver

Regular maintenance extends the life of your equipment, ensuring it remains in service and profitable for longer periods.

Here’s how:

  1. Make a Check-Up List: Write down a simple list of things to look at on your gym machines every month, like a health checklist.
  2. Teach Your Team: Show your studio staff how to do these simple check-ups so they can help keep everything in tip-top shape.
  3. Get a Fitness Studio Doctor: Once a year, have a pro come and give all the gym gear a thorough check-up to make sure it's all working great.
A man in a gym setting, focused intently on his workout. He is seated, wearing a gray t-shirt, which highlights his muscular build. The man is holding onto a piece of gym equipment, possibly taking a rest between sets or focusing before beginning an exercise. A large industrial fan is visible in the background, indicating a well-ventilated space, often necessary in a fitness environment to help keep the area cool during intense physical activity. The image captures a moment of concentration and physical exertion, common in fitness and weight training activities.

8. Buy Smart by Knowing What Fitness Gear Gets Used Most

Understanding which equipment has the highest usage allows  better purchasing decisions, optimizing your investment.

Here’s how:

  1. Keep a Usage Diary:Just like noting down important things in a diary, keep track of how often people use each machine, either with a computer program or a simple notebook.
  2. Look at the Diary Every Few Months: Every three months, check what your notes say about which machines are the stars of the gym.
  3. Buy More Star Machines: When it's time to get new equipment, choose more of the machines that your notes show are used a lot. This way, you give your studio-goers more of what they enjoy!
A man in a sleeveless gray top, likely in a gym setting, focused on a tablet he is holding. He has a lanyard around his neck, which could suggest he is a gym instructor or personal trainer tracking workout routines or schedules. The background is slightly overexposed, with high ceilings and industrial features, consistent with modern gym aesthetics. His engagement with the tablet and his attire indicate he might be planning a workout, reviewing client progress, or possibly using a fitness app to aid in training

9. Promote Your Fitness Events to Spark Excitement

Engaged members are more likely to remain loyal, reducing churn rates and sustaining your revenue stream.

Here’s how:

  1. Start a Fitness Challenge: Every month, implement a Fitness Challenge that uses different machines, especially the ones that don't get much attention.
  2. Spread the Word: Tell everyone about the challenge. Use posters in the studio and share it on websites where people like to chat and share pictures, like social media.
  3. Cheer Them On: Give small prizes or high-fives when someone joins the game. It's like getting a gold star for being great! This helps everyone feel special.
A group of individuals in a fitness class or group workout session, each holding a kettlebell. They appear to be in the middle of a kettlebell swing exercise, a common strength training move. The focus and determination on their faces suggest a high-intensity workout. The setting is an indoor gym equipped with various exercise machines and equipment in the background. This type of group workout is typically designed to build strength and cardiovascular fitness. The individuals are dressed in typical workout attire, suggesting a casual, yet focused workout environment.

10. Cash-In Secrets: Turning Old Machines into New Opportunities

Selling older equipment before it loses all its value can provide additional funds for newer purchases, keeping the gym modern and appealing.

Here’s how: 

  1. Check Your Fitness StudioTools: Once a year, take a look at all your equipment to see which ones might need a new buddy soon.
  2. Find Out What They're Worth: Do a little homework to see how much you can sell your used fitness machines for.
  3. Make the Swap: Sell the old stuff and use that money to help buy shiny new equipment. This way, your fitness studio stays the place where everyone wants to be!
A weightlifting area inside a gym. There is a squat rack with barbell supports and multiple weight plates on the rack and on the floor. A flat bench with a red surface is in the foreground, and another bench is positioned near the barbell, which is loaded with weights and ready for use. The space is well-lit, with natural light coming through a large grid window, and the walls are a neutral, light color, giving the room a clean and minimalistic appearance. The gym appears to be empty, emphasizing the equipment and the readiness of the space for a workout session.

Remember, it's not just about flashy machines; it's about smart choices. Listen to your members, invest in the crowd-pleasers, maintain what you have, and always keep an eye on what's next. By following this guide, you'll not only save money but also create a space where members love to come and work out. It's about making your fitness studio the go-to spot by offering the right mix of top-notch gear and a welcoming atmosphere. So, put these strategies into play and watch your fitness community—and your savings—grow!

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Ileana del Río
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