Fitune: The Mindbody alternative at a fraction of the cost

Rubén Santamaría
March 29, 2021

When choosing a new software for managing your health & fitness business, there are a few things you should consider. For starters, how much is it going to cost? Not only in terms of money, but also how difficult it is to switch over and what the experience will be like for your clients.

Many of our users have switched from Mindbody and one thing they’re always impressed by is how much better the experience is with Fitune for way less money. So if you’re currently using Mindbody or are thinking about it, I’m sure you’ll find this article helpful.

1. User experience

Ease of use is one of the most common compliments we get and it’s what truly sets us apart from Mindbody, as people tend to rate their software as complex. Fitune is designed to be simple for both you and your clients because we know this could be their first experience with your business. That's why it’s very important for us to make sure you can get everything done with just a few clicks.

2. Price & Features

There’s a big difference in price and the value you get for that money, our plans start at only $9.95 while the basic plan from Mindbody starts at $159, but that’s not it. You get access to the most important features on Fitune even if you have the basic plan, but you have to pay extra at Mindbody.

Two examples are widgets and video on demand. With Mindbody you have to buy a separate add-on for integrating the system with your website, that would be on top of the price you pay for your own website. Fitune automatically creates a customisable storefront for you to use as a website so you can save some money and time. However, if you already have your own website you can, simply integrate our booking system with your existing website. (No more than a few clicks, I promise).

What about video on-demand? Well, that will cost you an additional $99 with Mindbody and you can only upload through their servers. On the other hand, Fitune allows you to upload directly through to our servers, YouTube and soon also Vimeo. You get unlimited uploads when using YouTube which is available in all plans and storage for Fitune varies depending on the plan.

Another important reason why our providers prefer us is that you are not attached to any kind of contract and there are no hidden fees. We’re very transparent about our prices and what you get with it so there are no nasty surprises on your bills. In case you decide we are not a good match you can cancel your account without worrying about contracts.

3. Fitune is built with you in mind

Mindbody is good for big multi-chain business and their prices reflect it, but Fitune was created to help small to medium studios, gyms and independent fitness professionals manage and grow their business. That is why we pride ourselves in the ease of use of our platform for you and your clients so you can take this important step with more confidence.

We are always adding new features to make the platform even better for you. You also don’t need to make any sacrifices for going on the more affordable route, we’ve got you covered with everything you could possibly need, client management? Got it. Video on-demand? Got it. Brandable website? Got it. Flexible pricing options? Also got it, and much more.

4. Fitune gives you a 5 star (human) customer service

We have an amazing knowledge base full of articles to answer any questions you may have and tutorials on our YouTube support channel for those visual learners out there. Is the answer you’re looking for not there? No problem! We’re just one click away from you, our team is always available to chat if you need it. Don’t worry about annoying chat bots, with us you talk to real humans!

5. Get setup & start selling in minutes

At Fitune we understand that changing platforms can seem like a daunting experience. You probably still remember the multi-day setup process when you first got started with Mindbody? 

Well, that’s why we have optimised our setup, onboarding and support in such a way that switching over to Fitune becomes like a walk in the park. To give you an idea, we’ve seen people and organisations receive their first booking and payments in less than 2 hours after signing up!

In case you do have any questions about switching over or need a hand, we’ll be there to support you, free of charge!

The best alternative to Mindbody 

In conclusion, Fitune is a platform made to tailor your needs, we’re always adding new features based on the feedback we get from you! So if you have a nice idea, please let us know. If you feel worried about transitioning from another service or taking the online route for the first time, we are here to help and we’ll make sure everything goes smoothly. It all takes just a few minutes, you can see how easy it is on this other blog.

Best of all, in case you’re still in doubt. We offer a full month free trial so you can explore and experience the platform yourself. Creating an account is simple and we don’t ask for any payments details. So don’t worry about getting charged at the end of your trial, no strings attached ;)

You can try the platform by signing up here:

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