Building a Powerful Email List: A Case Study on OrangeTheory Fitness

Ileana del Río

For fitness entrepreneurs looking to grow their business, building and nurturing an email list is a crucial strategy. Let’s break down how OrangeTheory Fitness mastered this approach with remarkable results.

Key Strategies Used by OrangeTheory Fitness

  • Capturing Leads: OrangeTheory made it easy for website visitors and app users to become leads by offering a compelling incentive: a free trial class. Interested individuals had to provide their email addresses to sign up, effectively growing OrangeTheory’s email list with potential customers.
  • Email List Segmentation: Once leads were captured, they were organized into different segments based on their interests, behaviors, and interactions. This allowed for more personalized email campaigns, making each message more relevant to the recipient.
  • Targeted Emails: New leads received information tailored to newcomers, while those who had already experienced a trial class got follow-up emails encouraging membership sign-up.
  • Rich Content: The emails featured member success stories, workout tips, nutritional advice, and the latest class updates, keeping leads engaged and informed.
  • Follow-Up and Offers: Leads not yet converted received reminders and exclusive membership offers, nudging them towards becoming paying members.
  • Result: This consistent engagement helped OrangeTheory not only to keep potential members interested but also to convert them into loyal ones.

Why This Matters for Fitness Entrepreneurs

  • Lead Capture is Essential: Offering something valuable (like a free class) in exchange for an email can quickly grow your list with interested potential customers.
  • Segmentation Boosts Relevance: By knowing your audience and tailoring your messages, you can make each email feel like it’s speaking directly to the recipient, increasing the chances they’ll engage.
  • Content is Key: Sharing useful, interesting content helps keep your brand in the minds of potential customers, nurturing their interest until they’re ready to commit.
  • Consistency Converts: Regular, thoughtful follow-up can turn fence-sitters into loyal customers, especially when you sweeten the deal with special offers.


OrangeTheory Fitness’s success with email marketing highlights the power of a strategic approach to email list building and nurturing. By capturing leads effectively, segmenting them for personalized communication, providing engaging content, and consistently following up, fitness entrepreneurs can significantly boost their business’s growth and customer loyalty.

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Ileana del Río
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