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5 Best Apps for Fitness & Wellness Businesses in 2024

Ileana del Río

We analyzed the Best 5 Apps for Fitness & Wellness Businesses. We studied hundreds of real user reviews for each platform to give you all the info you need to decide on the best apps for your fitness or wellness business. 

Top Performing Apps for Fitness & Wellness Businesses 2024

  • 🥇 Fitune - Best overall (Free Website & Client App included)
  • 🥈 Glofox - Good for very large operations
  • 🥉 My PT Hub - Good for basic personal training operations

Other Top Apps for Fitness and Wellness Studios in 2024

Apps for fitness and wellness businesses Has Free Trial Transparent Pricing Requires Demo Call Ideal for Single Studios & Individual Trainers
Fitune ✅ Yes, + Free Forever Plan + Free App ✅ Yes, $0-$249/month ✅ No ✅ Yes
Glofox 🔴 No 🔴 No 🔴 Yes 🔴 No
My PT Hub ✅ Yes ✅ Yes, $55+/month ✅ No ✅ Yes
Trainerize ✅ Yes, + limited free plan ✅ Yes, $0-$350/month ✅ No ✅ Yes
MindBody 🔴 No 🔴 No 🔴 Yes 🔴 No

1. 🥇Fitune

Best overall (Free Website & Client App included)

Has Free Trial: Yes, + Free Forever Plan + Free App for Clients

Transparent Pricing: Yes, $0-$249/month

Requires Demo Call: No 

Ideal for Single Studios & Individual Fitness or Wellness Teachers: Yes

Most loved by users:

  • Free Website & App: Across all Fitune plans, there is a free website and app included for all your clients. It's a game-changer because friction will be led out in the acquisition of more clients and elevated booking rates. It comes at no extra cost, unlike other app providers, where you likely pay another $200 to $400 monthly on an app.
  • All-in-one functionality: Booking, payment management, and more, all under one roof. This centralizes the operation for professionals in the realm of fitness and wellness studio owners alike, helping them not to step between many tools. This significantly streamlines workflows.
  • Responsive Customer Support: Fitune's customer service staff has often received favorable reviews for being quick and responsive. On the part of customers, they, in their turn, like to know that their questions are answered, or problems solved with good speed – which is clearly suitable for an undisturbed user experience.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Fitune brought a design that even the least technology application appreciators found praiseworthy. Be it a fitness instructor or owner of a wellness studio, we make sure setting up and navigating through the platform is easy, ensuring a smooth experience for all.

Most hated by users:

  • Early Feature Gaps: Fitness and wellness studio owners initially cited the lack of some critical features to scheduling effectively with Fitune. However, recently, consistent app updates addressed these gaps significantly toward better user-friendliness and versatility of the tool.
  • Price Fluctuations: Fitune's pricing model at launch lit heated discussions among fitness and wellness business owners. However, initial concerns about introductory pricing and feature sets were tempered with introducing the "Free Forever" package for beginners.

Overall score: #1 Fitness and Wellness Studio App Overall ideal for individuals and 1-4 studio operations.

Fitune’s Website Builder

Fit Nation Studio homepage showing a large gym, equipment, numbers on walls, and a 'Fit Nation Studio' banner. 'Join A Free Class' button.

Fitune class management

 Fitune classes management screen showing a list of various fitness classes with their levels, statuses, and number of upcoming sessions.

Fitune’s Class Calendar

Fitune calendar view showing a weekly schedule of various fitness classes, including yoga, boot camp, and pilates, with a sidebar menu for navigation

Fitune Service Management & Scheduling

Fitune services management screen showing 1-on-1 services like massage therapy and personal training, with details on duration, location, and price.

Fitune is the ultimate answer for studio owners looking for flawless fitness or wellness studio management. Through a user-friendly interface and a wide range of core features, scheduling, managing clients, and payment processing are made easy. Particularly in this regard is the highly responsive customer service on offer by Fitune at a moment's notice, if required. It is that one tool for fitness and wellness studio owners to continuously stay committed to their most extraordinary mission: guiding students closer to their fitness and wellness goals.

2. Glofox

Glofox homepage with 4.5 stars from 465 reviews. Title: 'Trusted by thousands'. Orange button for demo and prices. Dark background.

Has Free Trial: No

Transparent Pricing: No

Requires Demo Call: Yes

Ideal for Single Studios & Individual Fitness or Wellness Teachers: No. 

Most loved by users:

  • User-Friendly Interface: GloFox garnered praise for its intuitive backend and user-friendly app interface, allowing seamless navigation and clean design for administering bookings, memberships, and classes with ease.
  • Responsive Customer Support: Users lauded GloFox's customer service for its responsiveness and cooperation in promptly addressing issues and providing solutions, enhancing the overall user experience.
  • Comprehensive Features and Functionality: GloFox impressed users with its extensive feature set, including membership management, booking and payment integrations, and push notification capabilities. The branded app further contributed to client engagement and business development efforts.

Most hated by users:

  • Technical Glitches and Bugs: Users frequently reported encountering technical issues and bugs within the app, leading to challenges in making bookings and processing payments, thereby disrupting operations and inconveniencing clients.
  • Slow Customer Service Response: Despite positive feedback on customer support, some users expressed dissatisfaction with slow response times and unresolved technical problems, impacting their overall experience with the platform.
  • Feature Limitations and Reporting Constraints: Users highlighted limitations in features, functionalities, scheduling, membership management, and reporting depth, expressing a desire for enhanced customization options and additional features to meet specific business requirements


Overall, GloFox is an acceptable app solution for fitness and wellness studio management, offering an easy-to-use interface and robust features for processing payments, bookings, and memberships. While praised for its user-friendly design and responsive customer support, the platform faces criticism for technical issues, slow support responsiveness, and feature limitations.

3. My PT Hub

MyPTHub homepage featuring all-in-one personal training software and app with a 30-day free trial, and no credit card required.

Has Free Trial: Yes

Transparent Pricing: Yes, $55+/month

Requires Demo Call: No

Ideal for Single Studios & Individual Fitness or Wellness Teachers: Yes

Most loved by users: 

  • Comprehensive Features: Users appreciate the breadth of features offered by My PT Hub, describing it as an all-in-one solution for managing various aspects of their fitness and wellness business, from creating customized workout and nutrition plans to scheduling client appointments. The availability of pre-designed exercise plans is particularly useful.
  • Intuitive Interface: Many users find the interface of My PT Hub to be user-friendly and easy to navigate, both for trainers and clients. The straightforward process of adding clients and managing data, including messaging, contributes to a positive user experience, along with the availability of helpful customer support and tutorials.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Compared to similar platforms in the market, My PT Hub is often praised for its moderate pricing. Users consider it to offer competitive pricing and believe it provides the best value for money considering its wide range of features and functionalities.

Most hated by users:

  • Technical Issues: Users frequently encounter technical glitches such as slow loading and platform lagging, affecting essential functions like workout delegation and access to client information. While the platform offers accommodating features, users expect proactive measures to address these technical challenges promptly.
  • Inadequate Integrations: Many users express dissatisfaction with the integration options provided by My PT Hub for fitness tracking applications and payment gateways, citing misleading information and a lack of seamless integration. This often leads to manual workarounds, frustrating both trainers and clients.
  • Limited Customization: Users feel constrained by the limited scope for branding and client communication within the platform. For example, the inability to fully brand the client-facing app on iOS devices and the lack of customization options for business needs can hinder efforts to create a fully branded client experience.

My PT Hub offers comprehensive features for managing fitness and wellness clients, including pre-designed workout programs and progress tracking. However, technical glitches and integration limitations detract from its user-friendliness and may require manual workarounds, while the lack of customization options can limit efforts to create a fully branded client experience.

4. Trainerize

Trainerize homepage promoting its coaching app with a sign-up section

Has Free Trial: Yes, + limited free plan

Transparent Pricing: Yes, $0-$350/month

Requires Demo Call: No

Ideal for Single Studios & Individual Fitness or Wellness Teachers: Yes

Most loved by users:

  • Comprehensive Features: Users appreciate Trainerize's wide range of features, including program customization, video tutorials, cardio tracking, and habit monitoring.
  • Excellent Customer Support: Many reviewers commend Trainerize's customer service for being responsive, prompt in resolving issues, and receptive to user feedback.
  • Ease of Use: Despite its extensive functionality, Trainerize is praised for its user-friendly interface, making it easy for both trainers and clients to navigate.

Most hated by users:

  • Technical Glitches: Some users report experiencing technical issues such as freezing, crashing, and inconsistencies, particularly when using the mobile app.
  • Limited Integrations: A few reviewers mention limitations in integration with other fitness trackers or apps, hindering seamless data syncing and client management.
  • Missing Features and Customization: Certain users express dissatisfaction with missing features, complex workout design processes, and limitations in program customization, suggesting areas for improvement.

Trainerize, while offering a wide array of features and functionalities, faces criticism from users primarily due to technical glitches and limitations in integration and customization. Several reviewers report encountering frequent freezing, crashing, and inconsistencies, particularly when using the mobile app, which hampers the user experience and efficiency. Additionally, Trainerize's compatibility with other fitness trackers and apps is perceived as lacking, hindering seamless data syncing and client management. Some users express frustration with missing features, complex workout design processes, and limitations in program customization, suggesting areas for improvement in terms of usability and flexibility.

5. MindBody

Mindbody homepage with collage of fitness and wellness activities. Title: 'The #1 software for fitness and wellness businesses'.

Has Free Trial: No

Transparent Pricing: No

Requires Demo Call: Yes

Ideal for Single Studios & Individual Fitness or Wellness Teachers: No

Most loved by users:

  • Efficient Scheduling and Booking: MINDBODY offers comprehensive scheduling and booking capabilities tailored for fitness and wellness studios. It encompasses class scheduling, appointment booking, waitlists, and recurring bookings, providing essential tools for managing studio operations effectively. 
  • Seamless Payment Processing: Integrated payment processing streamlines transactions for both the studio and its clients. With features like secure online payments, automatic billing, and transaction tracking, MINDBODY simplifies financial management, ensuring smooth and hassle-free payment processes.
  • Robust Reporting Functionality: MINDBODY equips fitness and wellness studio owners with robust reporting capabilities, offering insights into attendance, revenue, class popularity, and staff performance. These detailed reports aid in informed decision-making, crafting marketing strategies, and planning for the future, ultimately enhancing operational efficiency and profitability.

Most hated by users:

  • High Subscription Costs: One of the primary drawbacks of MINDBODY is its high subscription fees, particularly burdensome for small fitness and wellness studios operating on limited budgets. The cost factor may deter smaller establishments or those in the early stages of business development. 
  • Complex Interface: Many users find MINDBODY's interface overly complex and non-intuitive, especially for first-time users. The abundance of functionalities and options can overwhelm users, necessitating significant time and effort to navigate effectively, leading to a steep learning curve and potential frustrations. 
  • Intermittent Technical Issues: While generally reliable, MINDBODY experiences occasional technical glitches or service interruptions that disrupt studio operations. These issues, ranging from system slowdowns to temporary outages, can impede appointment scheduling, payment processing, and data access, although they are typically resolved promptly.

MindBody offers a comprehensive solution for fitness and wellness studios seeking to streamline operations and enhance customer service. However, the system's high subscription fees and complex interface may pose challenges for some users, while occasional technical glitches can disrupt workflow.

Concluding the Top Fitness and Wellness Studio Apps in 2024

In the landscape of fitness and wellness studio management apps, Fitune emerges as the clear winner for 2024. User reviews reveal that Fitune offers a comprehensive solution for studio owners, encompassing essential features to streamline operations and enhance client engagement. Its standout features include a free website and app across all plans, eliminating extra costs associated with app usage. With all-in-one functionality, Fitune simplifies booking, payment management, and more under one roof. Users consistently praise Fitune's responsive customer support and user-friendly interface, ensuring a smooth experience for both trainers and clients. Despite initial concerns about feature gaps and pricing fluctuations, Fitune has addressed these with regular updates, offering a "Free Forever" package for beginners and delivering a seamless experience for studio owners. With its commitment to continuous improvement and unparalleled customer service, Fitune stands as the top choice for guiding fitness and wellness studios toward their goals with confidence and efficiency.

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