7 tips on how to use instagram to get more customers for your fitness business

Koen van den Heuvel

Let’s begin with the elephant in the room:

No, it’s not too late to get started on Instagram.

Not by a long shot.

Instagram is one of the biggest players in social media, more importantly, it is THE platform for health & fitness providers. With over 1 Billion monthly active users and no fees, the platform can be an incredible tool for finding new leads and clients.

So if you’re not active on Instagram already, NOW is the moment to get started.

In this article, we’ll go over 7 quick tips on how to optimise your Instagram for your business. 

1. Switch to a business profile

Why? Two reasons!

One, switching over to a business profile is a game-changer. This will give you instant access to your weekly performance statistics – followers, impressions, reach, website clicks, etc. Finally, it offers comprehensive demographics of your followers – down to finer details such as location and times when they are most active.

Secondly, you can add your phone number and email to your account making it easier for potential customers to reach you.

2. Identify your customer, 

To know what to post, you need to know who you’re posting for. Take some time to analyse who your ideal customers are, what they like and what hashtags they are using. 

Once defined, make sure to have your end customer in mind while creating your content and profile.

3. Build your community

With so many busy users and photos floating around on Instagram, standing out might seem like an uphill battle.

Reality check: you do not need millions of followers on Instagram to be considered a success story.

Instead of worrying about boasting big numbers, it’s best to approach Instagram for business with a sort of “tribe” mentality. Start small. Establish relationships. Engage with others one-on-one.

In short, build your own tribe.

Make no mistake: Instagram is not an “if you build it, they will come” platform. Businesses both big and small should focus on not only building their own followings, but tapping into niche communities where their audience is already hanging out.

Niche hashtags is a great way to do this.

4. Stay consistent by creating a schedule

One of the best ways to stay consistent and make sure you don’t always post the same thing is by creating a schedule of the different types of posts you would like to share.

This solely serves as an example, you can change this however you please. (btw, no need to post everyday)

MONDAY: A motivational quote using the hashtag: #mondaymotivation.
TUESDAY: A Before and After photo with a quick quote from one of your satisfied clients.
WEDNESDAY: Workout video or photo of your typical day training clients in the gym to give people an inside look of what it’s like to train with you.
THURSDAY: Share a health recipe
SATURDAY: Workout tip
SUNDAY: Re-share a great post from one of your clients, and celebrate their success.

5. Respond to comments on your posts

Responding to comments is key for building a strong community on Instagram. If someone takes the time to share their thoughts with you, it’s important to respond back to them and show that you’re listening.

Listening and responding to your audience can be a great way to encourage positive word of mouth and create new brand advocates, as highlighted by a study by IAB found that 90% of consumers would recommend a brand to others after interacting with them on social media.

6. Use a recognisable profile image

When it comes to choosing a profile picture, it’s important for people to instantly recognise you or your brand when they visit your profile. When done right, you’ll make it a lot easier for your clients to find you!


7. Turn fans into paying customers

Don’t be afraid to promote yourself. As long as you add value, your fans will be happy to support you. The best way of converting followers into paying customers is by adding a link on your profile through which your customers can easily see and book your services.

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Koen van den Heuvel
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