7 quick tips for driving traffic to your fitness business and increasing your bookings

Koen van den Heuvel

So you’ve set up your storefront with Fitune and you’re ready for business… now what??

It’s time for you to spread the word about your new set up! Starting from scratch can be a daunting task, especially with so many different channels.

But… don’t worry, we’re here to the rescue!

After helping many fitness providers grow their monthly subscribers, we decided to share the knowledge we've gained and compiled an overview of the 7 tips that have generated most subscriber growth amongst our current clients.

1.   Brand awareness

Making sure your new storefront is easy to find for your loyal following is key for increasing your bookings. We recommend adding your storefront link to your social profiles (Instagram, facebook, etc). You can find your storefront URL in your Fitune dashboard.

Secondly, make sure to add a call-to-action to your Instagram bio to drive your followers to your storefront. An example can be found here.

2.   Social media Announcement

Announce your new storefront to your Instagram and Facebook followers via a story and feed post. We understand designing a creative can be time-consuming, so we’ve done it for you!  You can use one of our templates or simply create your own. You can find the templates here.

Pro tip: Don't forget to tag so we can repost it!

3.   Email

If you have been up and running for a while, you must have built up a solid email list of current and past clients. With the launch of your new storefront, it’s the perfect moment to make the announcement and get as many of them to purchase your membership.

Again, we’re here to make life easier for you, so we’ve created two email templates for you!

Template 1: Announcement email

Template 2: Follow-up email

4. Website

Your existing website can be an amazing way to drive more customers to your storefront. You can create a seamless booking experience for your website clients, by linking the ‘’book’’ or ‘’class schedule’’ button on your website with your storefront URL.

5. Weekly schedule

COMING SOON - We'll provide you with beautiful social media sharing templates, so you can share your weekly schedule with your community in a single click. So stay tuned!

6. Book a workout in 30 seconds

Record your screen to show your existing clients and new prospects how easy it is to book your activities. Click here for an example.

7. Ads

OPTIONAL - Run targeted ads on your Instagram to promote your activities and redirect prospects to your storefront.

Any questions, tips or suggestions? Drop us an email at [email protected]

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Koen van den Heuvel
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